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ceramic exhaust coating

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Hi guys,

on the playground i read, that Blinky did a ceramic coating of the exhaust system in his upgraded Exige S V6 and wondered, if someone else over here did go this route too. Looking on the small engine bay of the V6 i thought, this maybe would make some sense. I would be interested in ur thoughts about pro and con's. 

I'm getting the Komo-Tec EX460 Kit installed soon in my V6 and could imagine that temperatures will rise in the engine bay compared to standard.

Thx for ur thoughts and help.

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Friend has his exhaust ceramic coated on an Ultima.  He said you can touch the exhaust within 10 mins of turning engine off, but he wasn’t so sure it lowered the overall temp of engine bay down much.  As stated above , much better to get air flowing through the engine bay to keep things cool. 

I felt a noticeable reduction  in amount of heat in engine bay when I lifted the rear after a track session in the Sport 350 vs the V6S.  Louvres are the way to go 

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Ceramic coatings to the manifold and hot side of the Turbo should not only significantly reduce engine bay temps, but also improve gas flow = power gains.

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