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Potential Turbo Esprit tyre option

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At the Practical Classics and restoration show today I had one conversation of potential interest.  Blockley Tyres seem to be a nice enough bunch and doing their bit to get tyres made in unusual sizes.   They don't currently do a 235 16 15 but would potentially be up for doing one if they could see a market of 1000 or more and initial order of 500.  So I said about Esprits and XJSs and the guy thought some Quattros also used that size so there may be a reason to do it.  They have been caught before were no tyre exists, they do one...but everyone has by then moved on and bought new wheels or another sized tyre and the market disappears before they make their investment back.  I'm one of those having recently bought 225 Vreds but if anyone wants to do the work to coordinate some interest there may be a place to use for the supply side....

The tyres they had looked way better than the Pirellis...and were properly V rated.

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Pirelli P600s are W rated these days (just fitted a rear pair). But I hear you, and agree that the issue is a constant supply (as Pirelli makes the P600 in 235/60-15 about every 2 - 3 years).


The shortfall is even worse in the USA. One club in the Midwest USA was considering importing a batch to Mexico then bringing them in...:sofa:


The trouble is that tires can 'expire' even sitting on the it wouldn't do any good to make a large batch that isn't used within 2 - 3 years.


I was THIS CLOSE | - | to buying new wheels before I found proper sized rears.  I'd do that before I bought 225s again.:X

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7 hours ago, CarBuff said:

I'd do that before I bought 225s again.

Interesting.   What was the issue? 

Personally, I would not use the product of a niche manufacturor while I can still get the Pirellis.   



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I thought that the car handled better with the bigger, original-fitment tires...looked better too.


(Picture was Friday, JUST WAITING for the latest snow to finish melting :blush: )




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