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hard clutch

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Hi everyone,

I have had to replace the broken clutch cable on my 78 Elite and I now find that the clutch pedal is much harder than before.

The gearbox is also now cracking when I change from 5th to 4th .

I have tried to change the clutch cable settings by releasing it but it makes the other gears change more difficult.

I am considering putting grease on the clutch fork and the release bearind in order.

Do you know whether these parts need to be greased (I did not find any grease on them when I replaced the cable)



Sorry I meant: "in order to improve things"

1978 Elite 503


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2 hours ago, nanardos said:

1978 Elite 503

Hi Chris,

I am located in Chavenay 78450 (near Versailles / St Germain en Laye))

Might be a bit far for an Elite fest in France. :-)

Did your cable break near the pedal, if so the roller/pulley over which the cable runs may have seized resulting in the heavier than normal pedal?

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Yeah, as above, the 2 things to check when replacing a cable is the roller wheel at the clutch pedal and that the clutch fork has not popped out of its location in the bell housing.

With the new cable fitted, the lock nuts should be in almost the same position as before, if they are not, then something has moved / changed.

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Hi Michael,

When I replaced the cable , I found that the clutch fork had come loose and  I just put it back in what seemed to be its correct position.

The fork is well engaged in the ball pivot and it seems to be sliding normaly on the hub assembly and I don't see what else could be wronly positioned inside the bell housing ?

But I also believe that something not being well in place in the only logical explanation for this hard clutch.

Regarding the lock nuts, I unfortunately forgot to make a note of their position when I replaced the cable.

Still I have tried several settings and the current one is the "less worse" one....




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