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 I've spoken to the guy who made the anti slosh units for the Esprit but he no longer makes them. He does however produce a better generic version and sent me the following reply:

Hi Shaun,
we don’t make that particular module, instead we make a more generic unit.
the new unit has adjustable damping covering a much wider range,
it  is more accurate and has more features.
the downside is that it takes a bit longer to set up as it is not specific to the Lotus
the gauge wizard
if someone were to give me the 5 sender resistance readings at empty  1/4  1/2/  3/4  and full
I could add them to the list of presets in all the units we ship, this would make it very easy to set up.
best regards
Chris Horne MSc. Cert.Ed. 
  Spiyda Ltd
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Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2018 4:21 PM
Subject: Contact Form
Spiyda Ltd


Hi. Do you still make the anti slosh unit for Lotus Esprit to slow the sensitivity of the needle? Thanks, Shaun.

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Would anyone have these readings to hand or be able to get them? Multimeters are a black art to me I'm afraid.
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I was sick of my original fuel gauge as it would bounce all over the place.

I replaced it with a SPA programmable gauge with a built in low fuel level LED.. they don't appear to sell it anymore though as I bought it about 15 years ago, but there are plenty of others.

I paired it with one of these senders from Demon Tweeks, purchased at the right length for the height of the tank.

I can't remember or not if the fitting was the same as the Lotus one as I had an alloy fuel tank made at the time to suit. To calibrate the fuel level I just marked out a welding rod with a marker pen at 1/8 intervals (or whatever the programming intervals were) then pushed the sender up the tube at the desired intervals.This was before fitting it to the car so it was really easy.

Then when it was all calibrated, I fitted the new sender into the tank.

I now get accurate fuel levels without the needle and fuel level bouncing all over the place. I did fit fuel tank baffle foam into the tank at the same time though.

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There's a thread somewhere on here from a guy who arranged for Isspro to do a custom fuel level sender for his SE, I think details of the sender resistance curve were in that thread.

I have an unused Esprit specific Spiyda fuel gauge damper module available for sale if you're still interested in that version.

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