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Dreaded water loss


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Just back from the highlands. Fantastic roads that I know really well, awsome in the Esprit, even if I rarely got the chance to fully extend it as she who must be obeyed was sat with me (overtaken by a Fiat Punto anyone?). I must go back and do Tomintoul to Braemar again on my own, although the first snows of winter have arrived up in Glenshee so will probably wait until Spring now.

So, the car never missed a bit but I do have a very damp carpet in the boot, at the lowest, rearmost well, right behind the rear panel. No luggage was wet (surprised how much stuff I got in there by the way) and none of the 'pull out' carpet is wet, just the bit glued to the boot floor, down in the rear well. I checked the drainage holes for the rear hatch, no blockage. Any ideas how/where the water gets in? We did come through a lot of rain on Fiday and today.

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I've had a leak where water was coming in under the flange at the top of the drain holes. It was running down the outside of the drain pipe and soaking the carpet. A little silicone sealant in there fixed that problem. Check this out by running some water down the channels at the side of the rear boot and see where it goes.

I've also had damp carpets after the boot floor had been out (for a clutch replacement) and had not been resealed.

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Guest Chelsea Martyn
slight update to my prob.

I have now had the system pressure tested, and the cap was found wanting.  This doesn't mean it is the problem, but I now have a new cap (Shiny), and a hope wing and a prayer.  However on changing oil there was no sign of water, and there is no leak of cylinder gas back into the water apparently, and so at the moment I am holding my breath (and monitoring water usage over the next few weeks).  Everything else in the system was OK.

Still got stung for new brake pads and discs, but I knew that was coming.

Will keep an update coming in a few weeks when I can report on progress.

One thing that I have noticed, and that now ties in, is that in traffic the temperature never went much above 90 on the gauge, meaning that the system wasn't under pressure (water was just boiling away).  Now the new cap is in place the system goes up to 100 when sat in traffic.  Could be a quick tell on whether the system is pressuring properly.  Thoughts?

Phil B


Hi Phil

My V8 hits 100 degrees in stand still traffic so I wouldn't worry too much about that. Fans should be on the button though so 100 degrees is as high as the temp should get.

Good luck though, I hope that you are fortunate with this.

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