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Help back pain!

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I recently purchased a MY12 evora I seem to be susceptible to lower back pain and unfortunately the Evora does it no favours. It is now getting to the point that I am fearing that I may have to sell the vehicle as any enjoyment I get from it is wiped out by the back ache. I have tried no end of lumbar supports, driving positions and even have been to the chiropractor. None of which seem to have helped!

So if anyone has any any different ideas, well, I would love to hear them before I have to sell this amazing car.

Many thanks

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Not sure whether this will help with the back pain but I found even the standard Recaros give little support under the back of the thighs. I rocked mine back a bit by adding spacers under the front. I can now drive all day without aches.



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I've had a knackered back from a motorbike crash years ago. My louts' have always been great with my back but my first else took some time for my back to adjust to the unassisted steering. It obviously depends on your specific back issues but if you've tried the obvious then bruss's idea is worth a try as it's quick and easy to do. It may be you need a little time for you back to get used to it.  also if you are putting your seat back each time to get out then try putting a bit of tape or something to mark the forward position of the seat that's best, otherwise you are constantly in a different position each time which won't help.


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I had a few issues when I got my S1. I found that keeping the seat back a little more upright that I usually do solved the issue. Felt a little strange at first but certainly did the trick.

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