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2000 Lotus Esprit - The noise again!


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Ok so some of you know I had a problem with the car about a month or so back. Thought maybe a possible timing belt issue but that was not the case. So all things pointed to a bad/locked up AC Compressor which turns out might not have been the culprit. So after all the work was done and after about 100 miles on the car I start hearing this noise again. The first time it happened (before the recent timing belt service (with all new tensioners, pulleys, etc..) new ac compressor, belt and so on  it was rather loud and when I finally stopped a light smoke starting coming from the front of the engine and more of a burning rubber smell. This time around no smoke but the noise is there and not as loud but I can here it getting louder. So here is the thing with this noise, it only seems to happen when driving and decreases the revs lower. When car is standing still for about a couple of minutes (after driving)and I rev it to 3-5K RPM the noise is not present, the engine idles and sounds perfect. On a cold start up it does not happen. Only when the car warms up and I'm driving does it start again. At first it was hard to describe the noise but I finally have something to compare it to. It sounds like a wheel that spins and falls on a number at a carnival or the wheel from the show Wheel of Fortune (I have attached a picture so you can kind of get a picture what i'm talking about). Almost exactly that sound but faster. It does not sound like tapping or ticking like a lifter or tappet would sound like. Any suggestions on what it might be, before I take it in again. thanks




Haha sorry didn't realize the picture would come out that size.

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Hi Mike, this maybe worth a look.

Both power steering pump hoses run extremely close to the belt, I've just flicked the heat shield on the low pressure hose, sounds like the wheel of Fortune. Different rpms create differing frequencys and oscillations of the belt could create rubbing. Check the inside edge for signs of wear. Also check the cambelt covers are seated properly.


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