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Nice if not quite academic, I'm just glad to hear sentiment poured out for the Exige. I guess it's been so long since we've had actual british cars on the road here that mainstream journalists have forgotten to criticize the reliability etc. just by proxy :wallbash:

...Somehow Porsches have never really appealed to me... The ones that do are crazy things like the 928 and 968 etc... The 997 looks more like a VW than a 911 has in a while, though I think more of that is to do with the state of recent VWs than 911s :unworthy: Now that I've seen a few Exiges IRL finally I think it's really probably the best looking car currently being built, (second place are recent Alfas, which are coming here soon too :rant:) I really should weasel my way into driving one heh.

"It's called a fire hydrant. Firemen like to stick their hose in it, and eventually squirt water from it."

Owner of 86 TE HCI, and 55 Chevy. Stare at broken down TR7

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