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Messed up odometer

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So I had a problem with my 2003 Elise, and kinda need advice or verification it's a lost cause. Recently I had a completely flat battery, due to a malfunctioning alternator. During that, my odometer freaked out and jumped from 66k miles to 535k miles.

At the dealer I was told it might be fixed, if the chip of the odometer got replaced, but it might cost towards €1000 or more. With some googling I found the only other solution was to replace the entire display with a new one, starting again from 0 miles. Preferably I would want the odometer to read the correct mileage. Does anyone have any other insight in this?


A second thing, after this mishap my car does not make certain "confirmation beeps" anymore, which it used to. Arming/disarming the alarm, locking/unlocking the car with central locksystem, and opening the door while the lights are on. The alarm itself however still works fine. It kinda sounds like a fuse problem, but I'm not even sure which fuse would be just alarm/beeps.

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No idea regarding the Odometer correction but this will bring the beeps back.....

Make sure the alarm is unarmed.
1) Remove power by pulling fuse F11 or disconnecting the battery.
2) Reconnect power & press remote button 'A' within 5 seconds of connecting power.

Button A is the large one.

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My Elise also had an electrical hiccup that resulted in a very large odometer reading. I got a letter from the Lotus dealer to state the mileage error and just live with it. It seemed better than replacing it and starting from zero. I must have the highest mileage S2 in the world. 

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