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2005 Saffron Yellow Elise – lots of extras!

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Hi all,

I am selling my 2005 Saffron Yellow Elise. The car currently has around 42,000 miles but it will go up if the weather decides to play nice. The car has LSS rims that are powder coated wrapped with Toyo Proxes R888’s and a second set of rims/tires (see below).

This car turns heads every where it goes, gets comments all, thumbs up, waves, and all kinds of attention. It really makes my day seeing how this car can make other people’s days just by letting them get pictures in it and with it. That is all half the fun of owning the car.

I am going to give full disclosure on everything and be as detailed as I possibly can with this post. I would be more than happy to arrange an independent inspection at the buyers expense wherever they want to get it inspected in my area.

The only reason I am selling is a reason that I have a gut feeling I may end up regretting… I have a serious itch to get an Audi R8. :facepalm:shrug: Please don’t ban the OP for this treason!!

I take great care in my cars – when I built our house I had the garage built with a drain, hot and cold water, a heater, and everything else you would need to detail cars. I hand wash the car at a minimum of once a week, if not more. I wax it frequently. After the sale I will do a full detail on the car and have it cleaned up with a fresh oil change as well.

To my knowledge none of the previous owners have had it on the track. I have done one Charity track day where people could pay $5 a lap to ride in an exotic car (mine was one of several exotics there). I did not push it very hard at all since I had passengers riding in the car. That was the only time I’ve had it on the track. I have video from that track day as well.

I am friends with around a half dozen or so other Lotus enthusiasts in my area and a few of them are on this forum. There are plenty of folks around who know this car and would vouch for it. This car has one of the tightest gears I’ve ever driven in a Lotus between there cars and mine. I’m not sure if someone had it dialed in or what but it’s very nice.

I have hundreds, if not thousands of pictures of this car from all of the events I’ve done and I’ve done a professional shoot with a decently big name in the car photography business – Alex Bellus. I will send a zip file of all my pictures to the buyer of the car – the ones I have listed here are just a tiny subset of all the nice pictures I have.

A/C blows pretty cold for a Lotus.

-Plymouth, Minnesota

The modifications:
-The famous GARW dash – it is currently installed and brings this car into the modern age, it looks phenomenal and has so many cool functions like a lap timer and others, I really can’t praise it enough.
-Stage II exhaust – it sounds way better than the stock exhaust in my opinion.
-Carbon Fiber center console – see the pictures, I believe it to be a huge improvement over the stock grey plastic one.
-Rear diffuser – I have no idea what brand this diffuser is as it was put on by a previous owner, but it looks phenomenal.
-Rear area around the license plate bracket – Forgive my lack of technical terms with this one, but you can see in the pictures it has four holes and it really looks sharp. I’m not sure if this was custom done or if it’s something you can purchase through a Lotus vendor, but again it looks stunning.
-Hinge that’s attached to the engine cover to hold the engine lid up automatically when you open it.
-Probably more that I’m forgetting, I will update if I think of anything else.

The extras:
I have lots of extra’s and (in my opinion) it has been very tastefully modded. I had never seen a saffron yellow car in person before I purchased this car and it is absolutely stunning. I have lots of information from the previous owners – everything from stickers, to license plate brackets, extra key fob cases, blank keys, paperwork, magazines with Lotus stuff, extra lug nuts, front license plate bracket (if you want to run a front plate), and more… all the owners have kept a lot of documentation, interesting tidbits, and these extra items that come in handy when you need them.

Other extras…
-Extra set of rims/tires (see pictures of the two different sets on the car)
-Tool kit (lug key, hex set to take the hard top off, etc.)
-Tow hook
-Stock exhaust with custom tips
-Car cover with lock
-Bluetooth adapter for playing music from your phone
-Original dash unit
-An extra R888 tire for the LSS rims (so you’ll get 4 rims and 5 tires – four of the tires are already mounted).
-Probably more, I will update this post when I think of more

I am going to keep everything together with the car so that the new buyer get’s probably more than they need. My only request is that the buyer pay shipping for these items. We can probably fit a good amount of the stuff in the boot but the rims will need shipping.

Owner history:
The car has had 4 owners, including me. The first owner I do not have any information on, but from what I understand he was an older gentleman who put something like 6,500 miles on the car from 2005-2014. In 2014 the second owner purchased the car and brought the mileage up to around 16k. In 2015 the second owner sold the car to the third owner who drove it less than 1k miles, and then I purchased the car. I put around 12,500 miles on the car per year. I do not daily drive it, but if it’s a nice day out you better believe I’m taking it for a spin after work, and I do lots of car shows and events throughout the summer, so I accumulate miles pretty quick on it.

I have the second and third owners information, so the only person I’m missing is the original owner. I need to contact the previous owners but I would be happy to share their information (with their permission) to serious buyers and I know they would give you honest feedback on the car.

Full disclosure:
First off, mechanically and cosmetically there is nothing wrong with the car. The car has some rock chips and normal wear and tear you would expect on a car with 42,000 miles. In this section I will list any work the car has had that I am aware of and anything I think the buyer should know.

-Sound: If you have never owned a Lotus, well the sound system sucks. Obviously no one buys a Lotus for the sound system but the passengers side speaker plays music just fine but with certain songs or beats it makes a weird attempt at bass. The Blaupunkt head unit also sucks. Everything works, but it sucks.

-The car has a lien against it with USAA. The owner I purchased it from also had a lien against it through USAA and the process was very easy and pain-free. Minnesota is a state that requires the owner to hold the title, so I have the title in my possession.

-The carfax shows a clean and clear history (I would encourage you to pull your own so you know I’m not sending you a doctored version or something, but I do have a copy of the carfax from when I purchased the car available.). However the car has been in a minor accident in a parking lot. This happened with the second owner who is a very nice gentleman who I’m sure would be happy to help alleviate anyone else’s concerns on this. What happened was the car was parked at a country club, not in gear, and someone driving a golf cart slowly rolled into the rear clam causing a crack and this also caused a small crack in the front clam. There was absolutely NO frame damage.

From my understanding the owner of the country club did not want this on his insurance so he paid cash for the fix. This lead to the second owner selling it to the third owner who is a professional Air Force fiberglass guy (not sure what the official title is, but he knows his stuff). The third owner has professionally repaired many Lotus clam shells and he purchased this car with the intent of keeping it as his own but he didn’t have time to drive it and had some other need to sell it. That’s where I stepped in and purchased the car. On the front clam you cannot tell any work was ever done. I’ve been under the car, and I really can’t tell where any work was ever done so take that for what it’s worth. The rear clam the only way you can tell work was done that I’ve found is because the paint is ever so slightly off. I’ve never had anyone notice this without me pointing it out to them first. I have added photos of the damage below. Again – this has all been repaired and there is nothing to worry about here, it’s just me being 100% honest as a seller because that’s something I would want someone else to disclose to me.

-Cosmetics: The front clam has some rock chips. I have Saffron Yellow touch up paint and I have filled them in so if you’re standing up and looking down at the car you don’t notice any of them, but if for some reason your 6″ from the front clam you’ll notice them. It’s one of those things I like to disclose. As far as the rest of the car goes there are some very minor things cosmetically here and there. The interior is in great condition, the passenger side seat has a small scratch in it which apparently was caused from a rivet button on a someone’s jean from one of the previous owners passengers. The door sills that you climb over to get in and out have normal wear from the inevitable. The hard top liner is slightly sagging in one spot, I was quoted around $200 to get this fixed. Finally the rocker panels clear bra should be replaced. I may get this done before it sells by a very well known local company that does clear bra for exotics all the time. I will update this post if that get’s done – I was quoted $250-$300 for that.

-Mechanical: The car is in perfect condition mechanically. The only issue I have ever had is the thermostat went bad. I replaced that for a total of $30.

I have some hookups with some local shipping companies that I can recommend to the buyer. Shipping will be at buyers expense, but I may be able to get some discounts through some connections.

Alternatively I would encourage the buyer to fly in to MN and I will pick them up at the airport, grab lunch, and you can drive the car home. That’s what my wife and I did when we purchased it and I can not recommend that enough! It was a great road trip with great memories where you’ll get familiar with the car.

The last option is that I would be happy to drive the car to you. I will cover expenses for my gas/lodging on the trip to you. The only thing I would request is that you give me a ride to the airport and pay for my plane ticket home.


With all of that said, I would be interested in trades for an R8, or possibly other exotics like a F360 or Gallardo if the cards are right. (Obviously cash on my end for any of those

End notes:
Please PM me any questions you have, I’m more than happy to share anything I have. I am also more than happy to do a video call with anyone where we can go through the car live. I will update this post as I answer any common questions or as I think of anything else.

This car is a phenomenal piece of machinery, and I am probably going to kick my self the second it sells… but for now I want an R8 and my wife says I can only have as many cars as garage spaces and I don’t have a lift in my garage yet so basically I’m screwed.

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