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Cobra Alarm Removal

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I'm doing a bit of work to a friend's 2000 Esprit V8 he just purchased, and in the process am yanking the fairly useless Cobra alarm and replacing it with a better Clifford unit.

I'm wondering if anyone has any information with regard to the starter immobilizer unit. I'm assuming that it cannot simply be unpluged, and that a few of the wires will need to be jumpered in order to have the starter work correctly. However, I haven't been able to find any documentation or wiring schematics on the immobilzer.

If someone who has yanked the original alarm can give me a few pointers, I'd appreciate it. :band:

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Just had a look and it's on ********* of the wiring diagram section.

Thanks very much for the pointer. I managed to figure it out.

[Mod - Details of how to bypass the factory alarm removed - not a good idea to post details of how to bypass the factory alarm - Oneshot]

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Oneshot got here before me, a few people reported the post as they did not want the alarm

bypass/removal process online, which seems fair enough to me. If you know someone that

is definately an owner then PM them help in this field by all means.


We paid Vauxhall to fit an Alarm/immobiliser to my van when we bought it new. The thing went

off falsely a lot and one night (1 am, 2.30am, 3.00am) went off so often i thought a neighbour would

come out and beat me up. I disconnected the horn at 3.15 am one morning just to stay alive.

Vauxhall did not want to know, despite paying them to have an alram fitted, they said as they had

farmed the work out then i should chase the people that put it in as they fit all their alarms for them,

(something to think about if you bought a vauxhall from Oxford). Incidently this is the last Vauxhall

van we are buying, partly due to this, partly as we would not trust them to service a tin opener (too

many moving parts, and even if booked in a month beforehand they would not have the parts in).

So, i decided to remove the alarm. I found it after removing the whole glovebox.

I unplugged the harness and threw the alarm module into a nearby skip.

Then i got out my crimper, some through crimps and figured i was into an hour

or so reconnecting wires before the van would start.

For the hell of it i turned the ignition to confirm it was immobilised.


Checked the central locking, works fine.

So, all i had to do was unplug it and four years later no problems at all,

no wires to find an connect, nothing, in fact i'll never know if it actually

immobilised anything in the first place...


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Agree with the other mods here. I have also taken out a few other references to where everything is located.

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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As an addition to this one, you say you're fitting a Clifford unit? As you know, Clifford stuff is 'dealer Fit' only, so I'm assuming you're either fitter or are taking the car to a Clifford dealer/fitter.

Clifford has a technical telephone helpline available to dealers for this type of scenario for most makes of car. They will have all the relevent details needed to remove the Cobra stuff and replace with their own units. I know this, because (due to a personal contact within Clifford DEI) they used my V8 to research this information.

The information you require is just an 0800 phonecall away.

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Well, first off, I can't imagine what the heck the problem would be in posting this information. It's commonly available with a copy of the service manual and a bit of poking around.

That is, of course, aside from the fact that to even get to the immobilizer, one needs to thoroughly rip the car apart. Somehow, I can't see a thief bringing the tools and skills required to accomplish disabling the immobilizer to a dark parking lot, much less spending half an hour pulling things apart with the siren going off, counting pins to figure out which ones to jump, etc, etc.

As an addition to this one, you say you're fitting a Clifford unit? As you know, Clifford stuff is 'dealer Fit' only, so I'm assuming you're either fitter or are taking the car to a Clifford dealer/fitter.

No, I'm not a Clifford dealer. I get my units through a dealer I have a relationship with and install them myself. The lack of a warranty or any support from Clifford is worth the peace of mind in knowing it's done right, and nobody else knows where the sensitive bits are. I've never had a moment's trouble with a Clifford unit, and I've installed over a dozen of them thus far.

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Lost my key's with the transmitter key. I have replaced my Cobra with a new one (ordered from Lotus on 4/19/06). I have a part number, but not a model number. My owners manual states that I have a model 6422 system. I do currently have 4 touch keys. I have to assume 2 came with the car (old alarm) and 2 are for the new alarm. Sorry, lots going on and cannot remember. I HAVE to move it tomorrow. Can anyone pm an easy way to disconnect the alarm? I have spoken to my local dealer and they will reprogram the transmitter, but I cannot afford towing right now and don't trust my local AAA except for my work vehicles.

Thanks in advance.


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Matt, can't you just try the 4 touchkeys that you have? My understanding is that they exist for just such a situation (dead--or in your case, lost--transmitter). You have a 50 % shot at selecting the right touchkey on the first try, and a 66and2/3rds% chance on the second, and 100% on the third. Just make sure the ignition is OFF (which it would normally be at this point) when you touch the tunnel switch contact point, or you'll "wipe" the code.

If your alarm is currently set, it will go off when you open the door, but the touchkey should stop it. Even if it doesn't, it won't last forever, and you'll at least be able to start the car when the touchkey disables the immobilizer. Good luck!

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Should have stated that I tried all 4 touch-keys. My only guess is to try to trace the wiring from the touch-key receptor to the harness and verify it is hooked up. Otherwise, I have a new touch key receptor and will replace it, but it would be faster if I can just unplug the alarm short term.... Will that work? I can verify my extra parts (new alarm parts not used, only new brain was used) if required....

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Sorry, Matt. I don't know the procedure for "unplugging" the alarm. If you only need the immobilizer disabled, then PM one of the moderators for the procedure--I don't know that one either, as I've had no problems with it yet. I'm a bit surprised that none of the touchkeys had any effect. Has this been the case for some time, prior to losing the transmitter key? I suspect most of us use the transmitter key fob button for "pre-starting purposes," rather than the touchkey, so unless it's used periodically to "test" the receptor port I guess one wouldn't know exactly when it ceased functioning. What did you finally end up doing with the car?

Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.

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The only saving grace I can think of if you need a new alarm module, is that they were in the parts sale recently so you may still be able to get one cheap.

I found this out AFTER I had paid full retail price for one!

Also, I think Dave Walters had one for sale. Worth asking him.

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