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Lost all gears???

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Hey all, super worried, confused, frustrated right now. Car is a 83 investors edition with the Citroen gearbox. Got it out yesterday for the season, changed oil, washed, and ready for its debut at the first car show!  I took it for a quick, easy, non-spirited drive and all was well. This morning I get up early to get to the show, start the car, back it up 20’ take it out if reverse, and then, confusion. The shifter returns back to the neutral position, but it’s not neutral. Cannot engage any gear except the reverse location, which isn’t reverse. Shifter also will not move left at all to get to the #1 or 2 positions. I can not engage manually either by trying to manipulate the linkage in the rear of the car.  It feels almost like it’s jammed up in the tranny.  Both the cross gate cable and other linkage bar appear to be connected and nothing looks off. I opened up the center console to check the shifter end and all looks appropriate there as well.  Car rolls if clutch is engaged.  I’m stumped and scared my transmission is dead. Help!!!!

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So it is in a forward gear?

It sounds like one of the selector shafts is in an "in gear" position without the selector lever being engaged into its slot on that shaft. 

May need the top off and manually move the offending selector shaft back to neutral and put top back on. 

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