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Oil Filter


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Fram does and I have it upstairs.  Napa sells one their Gold Filter 1068 is the number, also Mobil 1 sells one the MI-204 I believe.  I just cut open a Moobil 1 filter and it looked very sturdy to me.


I will try and look up the Fram nujmber for you.


Thanks Mark

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I just had the front left oil cooler line blow off while out the other weekend.  I shut it down as soon as possible.  I had it towed home.  I saw what the issue was and fixed it and filled the moter with fresh oil.  Crossed my fingers and started it.  It sounded fine, so I put it in my garage on my lift.  I have a 4 post lift.  I ran some Motul brand motor flush thru it and drained out the brand new oil I just filled it with.  I always put a magnet on the oil filter of all my cars.  I was running the Mobil 1 brand MI- 204 filter.  I drained the oil and then cut open the filter.  I did not see any metal in the filetr or the oil.  I had a NAPA filter on the shelf a NAPA Gold 1068 and refilled the car with 15w50 Mobil One Synthetic and also a PTFE type additiove by Motul.  It was a hair raising experince and I think all is well, but the Mobil One Filter looked pretty stout to me.  Seemed very well built and heavy gauge internals also.  Mark

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So the Mobil MI-204 will fit the Esprit with no fitment issues or leaks? As far as the Fram filter I used them in my first Esprit with no issues, but haven't seen the YouTube video. I guess I'm just trying to see if there are any better options other than the OEM filter. Thanks for the replies!



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