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Rear Boot Pops Up Automatically?

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Hello all,

i was watching a video about an 87 HCI Turbo, and the chap pulled on the boot lever, and the boot popped up automatically, I assume because of the strong hydraulic struts.   I have never seen this happen before, because when I pull the lever on my ‘99 V8 (USA) the boot just pops up about 2 inches, and then I manually lift the cover open.

My question is - did the boot on certain models pop up automatically?  Or is this just a mod with much stronger struts attached?

I would love to see if this can be done on the V8.



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There are some variances based on the year of Esprit. For the 99 (or any V8 with the wing mounted to the boot lid), yours is operating correctly. For those models, you get the locking strut that holds all that weight in the “up” position.  To lift that giant wing up would take a very strong piston  


Personally I prefer that arrangement because I can never accidentally open my trunk up and collide with something, but I could also understand the opposite appeal!


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My S4 opens up completely when I pull the lever in the cabin. Of course, the wing on the S4 is much smaller than the V8 one and is only mounted halfway out from the pivot point at the hinges so much less weight to lift.

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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