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Naya Wheels Help!

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Hi guys, 

This is a bit of a long shot but I figured it was worth a try. I've seen this image of a V6 Cup on Naya Wheels (a Malaysian company I believe?) and I REALLY like the look of the concave they have at the rear (not too fussed about the design of the wheels).


As I'm very close to making an order for some new wheels I was hoping to replicate the specs of the Naya ones in the photo but I really can't find the details anywhere. All the aftermarket wheels I've seen on the S3 Exige have had very minimal concave but I love the look so was hoping to maximise it as much as possible. Obviously I've tried emailing the company but I'm guessing their English isn't good enough to deal with my request for info. I've also spoken to the owner of the car but all he could tell me is that the fronts were 17" and the rears were 18"... Of course I knew that already!

So yes, a very long shot, but would anyone know what the specs are?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. 


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Well, those are some funky wheels... especially the part of the rim sticking out on the tyre...    Joking aside, as Imran stated, BC Forged do some variants.  I discussed with them a year ago or so.


RS42 has a nice concave look.  Thing is it doesn't look good with the front rim that NEEDS a centre drop for the caliper to clear.  For sure that Naya wheel at the front has a low ET.


See post:



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@alias23 @Kristof Thys

Thanks for the responses guys.

Imran, this is so I can give Bren the specs I want! :)

Kristof, yes they're not the best looking things are they? But it's the concave at the rear I'm most interested in. This is actually for me to spec some BC Forged but of all the ones I've seen on a Lotus, none of them seem to have a rear concave anything near the NAYA wheels above so I was hoping I could replicate it. 

And yes, I understand the issue of the centre drop on the front but honestly, it doesn't bother me at all. :)

I saw that image you posted of Carsten's car previously and it looks great but at those specs (10 x ET35) all the others I've seen the concave looks really minimal. Of course it's possible the NAYA wheels I posted above are the same specs and the design of the wheel (the do seem to sit quite proud of the tyres) is accentuating the concave. 

Worst comes to the worst, I'll just spec ET35 but if I can get a better concave rear I'd definitely want to!


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