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Fuel filters

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The V8 filter is a very common part used on a huge number of vehicles and of the time many GM/Daewoo cars. Note that this is different from the four pot filter I believe, although they look similar. The four pot has an o-ring in one end.

Lotus part number:


Wix 3481
Napa 3481
Baldwin BF853
Fram G3727

The first three are better sources in the US and the Fram ref works for Europe and US. There are loads of them on eBay at about a fiver each.

"This fits many GM Gasoline fuel injected applications from the late 1980's thru 2004 for cars and tucks"


I tempted my Esprit V8 IS in bits...(sob)

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Hi Alan,

Thank you very much for doing that. My brother has helpfully been to Euro Car Parts to pick one up and when asked what car it was for they wouldn't sell him the Fram filter....

They insisted he have the Bosch for a top end motor instead. They also loaded the discount to make it just one pound more expensive. :-) I will let you know the Bosch number when I get the filter from my brother. 

I have decided to fire the car with the current filter and then change it soon after. I figured the old filter can capture the debris that has accumulated over the years and then the new one can have an easier time of looking after things moving forward.

Next issue is the fuel pressure testing take off valve. I thought it was a Schrader valve but it doesn't look like one and doesn't fit the test gauge I bought. If I can test the fuel pressure that will give me the last bit of the puzzle regarding checks etc. 



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