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S1 oil leak....


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Firstly, I have zero mechanical knowledge so bear with me folks! 

So, I spent a great day at Duxford yesterday which involved a 2 hour round trip and the S1 didn’t miss a beat. But when I got home and took the engine cover off, I found the nearside rear quarter of the inside foam damp with oil residue and some of the foam seemingly scorched (pic1). There is also a very fine film of oil around the base of the filler cap (pic2) and running a couple of inches along the cam cover. I left the car overnight and there isn’t a drop on the ground under the engine today, the dipstick shows max and the car started without any issues. Clearly it needs addressing but I’m hoping the car is safe to do a 30 minute drive tomorrow to my specialist - am I mad?! Any help/advice greatly appreciated. 



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Had the car for 4 years and never had an oil issue before and the cap was tight and secure when I undid it 

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I'm no Lotus expert @JNW3 but I'd say that it'll be safe to drive. Just make sure you've enough oil in the sump. Doesn't sound like the leak is significant.

No idea why it's coming out of the filler cap though. I've never heard of that before. Were you fast cruising, or oil overfull?

Are you sure it's coming out the cap, and not the gasket and flowing along?

I'm sure someone will come up with a better answer. @jonroberts or @Paul Coleman ??

Good luck.

Post the answer.

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I went through a phase of having oil leaking out of the filler cap and although it seemed tight, it wasn't tight enough. It would leak out of the cap and run down the plug leads and then drip off and pool in the webs on the engine. Took me a while to figure out where it was coming from. I couldn't tighten up the cap and knackered it trying so I got another cap and it's been fine ever since.

I would say yours is cap related. Is the rubber seal inside the cap good and fitted correctly?

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Lotus Esprit [meaning] a 1:1 scale Airfix kit with a propensity to catch fire

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It’s going to my specialist in a couple of weeks but I think/hope it’s the oil filler cap seal which has hardened. The car was fine on Tuesday - after a 30 min drive it hadn’t leaked any more oil. Fingers crossed! 

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