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Need the Exhaust manifold stud size.

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I lost some bolts and had a loose rod among other things.... I got the rod fixed but while I was down there I found out why the car has been erratic.  3 studs are missing.   I have reported the builder to other classic car guys as this is one of many many issues I found with this build..... I have since taken my torque wrench to the whole motor and I need to check the valve clearances this weekend.... I am at a loss how the bearing survived with almost no damage..... Either way let that horror show serve as a warning to people buying major service cars. It may be a good idea to check the specs on the whole motor even if the guy is supposed to be vetted.

The short of it is I need an appropriate bolt size to replace the studs as I am not interested in waiting for a stud set as this manifold only needs to be on the car for another 4-5 months. So if someone could please please give me either all of the bolt specs I need thread pitch length ect or just the pitch I would be good to go.



Just an update on the car in general: The car is now fitted with custom door cards made by yours truly which house two McIntosh MS630s and currently running audi tweeters... Not a fan but they will do while I search around for scanspeaks or focals. The Haltech fund is getting a few donations. I got the car balanced its night and day. The idle is back to being horrible and the throttle is reading 4% open I need to consult the book about the proper resistance shut but I am suspecting some bad grounds.  The car was running amazing until two weeks ago when I developed a rod and cam knock around the same time the exhaust studs fell out..... Since the car has been mostly parked while I ripped the windage tray off and found.... More loose bolts then I found #4 was not tight. I inspected the bearing and god must have had me because it was undamaged and the rod tightened up when I torqued it down. I did do a test drive after changing the oil and the car is much better but still needs those bolts and the loom inspected.

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I bought a set from Ebay having verified the size on the forum. I only need one stud, but got 10 for less than the price of 1 from SJS.

My seller is no longer available but the item(s) is sold by others.

I believe that you need M8 x 45/6 mm 
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M8x1.25, and if you really want to use bolts I'd suggest a maximum of 30mm.

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Andy we dont have a local ford chevrolet volvo or lotus dealer.... I can only get the toyota bits easily....


Let me impart on you how bad this area is. I was going to make a set of hinges for some forum members... Not a hard task... I got the measurments and even bent up some guides.... I never found a local supplier for bearings or the metal... The end...  Well hopefully not as I do want to make them but this area has no machines... I have more tooling than my local car shop... :'(   


Sparky your a prince!!!

Daka thanks for the link.  I will probably source some nickle alloy studs when the time comes for the manifold to be built. The car is an extreme project.


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You should have purchased an Excel instead of the Esprit 😄, they have a lot of Toyota parts.

Only joking, as the Toyota parts are the bits that keep working relentlessly.


There may well be a Toyota engine stud that's suitable but, not certain and probably not worth the hassle compared to just using bolts.

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Well... Everything is a hassle.... I think this might lead to an engine out inspection...... How do you strip all three studs... How.... I think I see bits of helicoil in there... I dont have a speare 3 grand to spend.... Time to rob a liquor store... So I crawl under the car to pop the bolts in.... Both main seals are now puking oil. I thought I screwed up putting the pan on but half of it was dry. Everything is leaking around the trans.... I scooted up and sure enough theres bits of melted seal around the nose of the crank.... And these guys are the lotus experts.... Im taking em to court... Ive had it.... And I swear to god I will never trust a wrench to another human being as long as I live.... 


This ended well eh... gonna look through the book and see what it says about pulling the engine. It looks like 20 bolts or less and 4 hose clamps n some wires and the throttle cable... 1 day two perhaps.... Then I gotta find a buzz boy to fill in the holes....

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