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Lotus Exige S3 photos Wanted!


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Greetings everyone,

Content creator here of some Lotus color option / special edition galleries (now kind of outdated in terms of technology) , ,

I am currently looking to modernize and add the Exige S3 section to the website which will feature photos of all color options available.

If you own the copyrights for a photo of an Exige S3 (any model) which you think would be a good fit to represent a certain color feel free to send it my way and I will of course give you full credit for it on the website. You can either reply in this thread or reach me at [email protected]

Currently looking for all available and previously available standard color options + custom ones as I just started the project.

The work in progress for the website can be found here: currently only has the official press photos for the standard and special editions but I will make overall website improvements and add the color options over the coming days/weeks as I get hold of them.

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Thanks for the heads up. I will get in contact with those users who have provided Exige S3 images for that gallery for sure! :)

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That's awesome, would you mind sending me some high res versions of them? 

Which shade of blue is this?

Really like these shots:





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Motorsport Black main colour.

Mars Gold and Total Red are the other colours on the LF1.


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Hey again everyone, time to revive this thread as I've been adding a bunch of new content to the Exige S3 section over the past month but hope to add even more color options!

If you have a photo of a color which is missing or if got better photos for any of the existing colors, please submit them in this thread and I will have them added! Cheers!

Photo credits are always given to the owner / photographer as well.

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