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OBD Code reading, Lotus tech centre etc?

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Does anybody know if there are any, reasonable money - say up to £300ish OBD scanners that would do more than just read engine codes? Specifically, interrogate the airbag system etc? Or is it really only Lotus tech centre that can do such things?

I ask as I am toying with buying a half decent one to help with other cars (recently had an issue with the airbags in my wife's C Class and if I'd been able to grab the code the moment the light came on it would have shortened the diagnostic time (and therefore spend) at the dealer considerably. I can find such scanners that work with typical brands such as Mercedes, BMW, VAG stuff etc and can talk to airbag systems, ABS etc as well as engine, but Lotus is never listed - I assume as it's so small. I can't imagine though that Lotus' systems are utterly bespoke so........

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Theres nothing particularly special about the Lotus CAN implementation, but not everything is on the CAN bus (parking sensors for example).


Mode 09 - General info (ECU Name, VIN, ECU Calibration version)
Mode 11 - Reset Learn Tables
Mode 13 - CAN_B (ABS)
Mode 14 - CAN_B (ABS)
Mode 22 - Enhanced Data (Wheel speeds, MAF, IAT, RPM, TPMS, Performance counters, Standing start times, etc)
Mode 2F - Test Mode (Coils, fans, injectors, evap, airbox flap, instrument cluster, etc)
Mode 3B - Write VIN

There are more some standard and Toyota modes in there which are documented elsewhere, but you'll struggle to find much public documentation on the PIDs necessary to interrogate or test the rest of the above sadly, though any 'ELM327'-style dongle which allows you to send your own choice of PIDs should work, no need to spend anywhere near £300, but only TechCentre will be programmed with any of the codes right off the bat.

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The guys over here have been trying for years to be able to clear their own airbag light, especially since the light is triggered so easily by just a low or dead battery.

Recently, they got lucky and had success with
a Foxwell NT 630 Plus scanner they bought off of Amazon. Although Lotus wasn't specifically listed in the scanner for the airbag, they were able to find listed vehicles that would allow them to communicate with their Lotus and reset the airbag light. They did not use the VIN option as this would defeat their attempts.

Unfortunately, it appears that each scanner shipped came with slightly different software (listing different supported vehicles), so it was a trial and error to determine which vehicle in the scanner would actually communicate with their Lotus. But some of the listed vehicles that worked were: 
Daewoo Gentra, Isuzu Cruze, DAEWOO2009-2011 Epica/Tosca and Barina. (Interesting that none of the listed vehicles in the scanner that communicated with their Lotus are sold in the US)

Anyway, here is the scanner that they got to work:

Good luck. I hope this helps...

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Useful stuff. Thanks gents. I'll try with that Foxwell one I think.

Was there a thread on one of the US forums with the trial and error work? Aha found it. Seems worth a try as it'll be useful for other stuff too.

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It works!!!!

Scanner arrived earlier. Just tried it and after a little bit of bashing about (I'm not 100% sure how I did it) the light is now off. Driven up the road and back and it has stayed off. I talked to it by telling it it was a Daewoo Epica. Only because that was the first type that came up of the several possibles listed on Lotus Talk.

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