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Exige 350 Sport - Towards August

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Hi guys and girls, my partner and I have decided that an Exige 350 is definitely on the table now, so I figured I'd post a wanted ad - but only for later in the year!
I'm currently saving up a decent sized deposit, and have my current car to sell or p/x to make it all work, but hey, who knows!

I'd be looking to get into an Exige around August time, if not a little later - but you can plan all you like, it still won't work out 100%.


Is anyone thinking of selling up this year? The waiting around and hoping a good spec will come up is driving me nuts!
Please feel free to drop me a PM, even if you aren't certain you will sell it, I'd be happy to entertain anybodies thoughts.


It must be the following:


Exige 350 sport, not an S, and 380s are out of budget I'm afraid

Generally speaking, no red, white, yellow or green cars - Unless its a very deep red, or a bright green. ( think fire red or kawasaki green )

Budget is tight, at circa £45-£47k - ( I know this will make a lot of you walk away, but I don't want to waste your time )


I am serious, and I do intend 110% to get myself one of these epic machines, so please, work with me on this and see what we can do!

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Time line has moved up people!!

I'm ready to buy.... NOW!

however from what I read, it would need to be via a dealer with my finance company - so i don't know how we'd facilitate this but yeah. 

If anyone is thinking of trading in their car let me know!

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