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Fuel pressure regulator


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As per the title, could someone more knowledgeable than I, post a photo of where I can find this please? 

I would like to check the pipe that connects to this. Car is a ‘95 S4S.


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Hi Martin,

Like most (all ?) fuel injected engines, the regulator is mounted directly somewhere on the fuel rail. In the Esprit, it's more precisely mounted on the rear-most end of the rail. I circled it in green in the two pictures below.

On the second picture, the charge cooler has been removed, making it much easier to see the fuel regulator...

Hope that helps.


Vincent Trouilliez






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You are welcome.  Just for correctness... I think I got carried away when I stated that the regulator "had" to be on fuel rail itself. The last 3 cars I had, a Renault 21 TXi Quadra, had the regulator on the rail, which is actually very practical when I had to replace on of them : superb access, only one hose connected to it, and then just pops off ! 

However before that I had a Renault 21 GTX (same engine but 8 valve cylinder head not 12V like the TXi variant) and now I think about it, on the GTX the regulator, though it was indeed real close to the rail, a couple inches at best, was actually mounted on the inlet manifold, with 3 pipes going to/from it (fuel IN, fuel OUT, MAP compensation). This one was a real pig to replace.. was almost 10 years ago and I still remember it. My big hands didn't help for sure.

Also had a R21 GTS before that, different engine but still MPFI, and in this car again the regulator was "standalone". Didn't have to change that one, but access was excellent,  so would not have been a problem.


So, sorry for the BS I said in my first message in this regard...:blush:

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