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Peoples’ reaction to your Evora


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On ‎20‎/‎05‎/‎2017 at 22:17, mik said:

Oh flippin eck...

Sorry to wander off topic, but cutting and pasting from that thread....


Good coaching style from Andy, Scott & Alan, with a focus on safety throughout the day. Nice to meet Saj, Paul, Andy & Gary.

Unfortunately the day didnt end so well for me when 15mins before the planned 16h00 ending I suffered a sudden tyre deflation during the high-speed oversteer-correction session , folding the inner sidewall of the tyre inside the rest of it (weirdly) and chewing the  wheel up badly :(

I was stranded in the middle of the track, so ruined the last runs for everyone. Sorry boys.  

It was a new MPSS that had been on the car for just 3 weeks and less than 300 miles. FFS.

You can hear it pop off the rim about 1/3 of the way through the bend at approx 75mph, just as the surface changes. There is a slight change in surface height/angle but nothing significant. Not sure if the tyre lost pressure on the run up to the bend,  but the evora is the first car I've ever had with tyre pressure monitors, and i'do been keeping a close eye on everything all day - there were no warnings when I set off for that run. 

Was yesterday considering whether it would be possible to refurb it, but there could be damage that would only show under x-ray- don't think I'd ever trust it again. So a new wheel and tyre needed - this wheel will be cleaned up and made into a table or a clock face.  :roll: 

Might contact Michelin to see what they think.....

Vid is a bit dark unfortunately- cheap camera.

hIgh speed deflation

Pics overexposed so you can see detail - as above, the inner shoulder of the tyre ended up completely tucked inside the outer, so it has folded over. Which is weird. Whilst the tyre was wriggling around it smacked the inner arch and knocked the bumper clip out of alignment slightly. Think that will be an easy fix.




Raising an old topic, but a cheque for £186 just dropped through my door in relation to this. Doesn't come close to covering the costs incurred, but it is at least "better than a kick up the 4rse with a big stick" and does suggest (without actually admitting anything) that Michelin found something when they inspected it.

Text just states "This is in respect of the allowance passed by the manufacturer on the tyre returned for inspection".

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On 5/3/2017 at 03:51, Neal H said:

I was just about to put the Evora back in the garage after returning from work yesterday and a random woman walks up and says - How do you decide which vehicle to take in the morning?

me: It depends on the weather.

she: So if the sun shines you have to decide between your motorbike and your lovely Ferrari.

me: It's a Lotus.....

she: Oh, it looks like a Ferrari.

Well, at least she didn't mistake it for a Porsche!!

You missed your opportunity, she can pick the vehicle in the morning.

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  • 2 months later...

I'm surprised to hear that it's not mostly positive in France.  I drove my Elise there a few times and never had anything but a positive reaction (sometime too positive, several cars jostling for position to take a look during rush hour around Paris was a little unnerving), maybe it was the British plates.

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I am glad that most people get positive responses from the public.  Up until last night, that was all I had as well... Parked my car for 2 hours, and came back to find someone had thrown egg all over my pride and joy. It was everywhere. I was really quite pi***d. 


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Man alive, that sucks.  And not in the good way.  Really sorry for you.

Sadly, there will always be idiots.  

As Mik said, you'll want to get it cleaned off asap if you haven't already.

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I made sure to pressure wash it down.  It was 11pm, so I didnt really have time to do a full clean! On reflection, I am putting this down to being Halloween rather than anything specific against the car... At least I hope so! It was only egg after all, and not physical damage! 

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Greetings from a new US member!  I've had all the same experiences so far :)

I was taking my new-to-me '12 back from my first HPDE/track day at Watkins Glen racetrack in New York and got caught by the local state trooper doing approx 95MPH (in a 55 zone).  That sort of speed is worthy of a $600+ ticket.

Officer:  That is a gorgeous car (as he walks up and down it 2-3 times)

Me: Thank you, yes, it is.

Officer: What do you do for a living?  How much was it?  (clearly wanted to see if he could afford it ;) )

Me: An engineer; Not as much as you'd think

Officer:  Do you know how fast you were going?

Me: Pretty fast I think but I was focused on driving.

Officer:  Any reason I shouldn't give you a speeding ticket?

Me: Cause you're a nice guy and I'm exuberant after my first track day?

Officer:  (a few minutes later)  OK, I gave you a 'no seat belt' ticket.  Plead guilty, pay the $50 fine and please try to keep it under 80MPH.  Have a good day.


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B-) I'll take a traffic  cop over a camera every day of the week. Someone who can assess the standard of driving, as opposed to one attribute.

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Mine has been pinged on our local moaners facebook group for similar. Just for pootling through at a very sedate pace. But then I am running a 2bular, where the valve has stuck in the loud position and it growls and barks no matter how gently I tread (I think due to a period of lack of use through last winter after we had our second sprog)...

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Good one!

That contrasts with my recent experience with my Ferrari Mondial Cabrio. I took it to the local tyre shop which has done the tyres on all my classic cars over the years. As usual, they did a fine job on all 4 tyres and I was present for most of the time. Afterwards the fitter said; "I'm glad that's all over. I've never felt so nervous fitting a set of tyres!"

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Do people find others want to race you at lights or on slip roads? Ive had it a few times.  This week a Mercedes driver thought they'd have a go and drove so close behind me on a 50 mph road that I couldn't see his lights. Then on the ramp to the m25 he went for a bit of a race, I don't think his was a sub 5 second Merc but there's no way I'm gonna floor it from the lights when it's 1 degree outside and icy. He wasn't particularly fast anyway, just annoying.

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If I am behind a white van driver (at a normal safe distance) they seem to take it as some sort of mission to try and get away from me and start driving way faster than before I first appeared in their mirror.

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