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Peoples’ reaction to your Evora


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Just back from a small former miners town of Swadlincote where they held a festival of transport 

parked my car and walked around the 100 odd cars motorbikes and camper van etc 

met a lovely guy in only other lotus an Europa who allowed me to sit in his car. I just bought some deep heat gel I needed it after sitting in Europa lol 

I was interested to see how many people kept having to look at the rear of car to identify the car ! 
Shows how rare and unknown the Evora really is 😮

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As a Followup to my last post,I would say the F8 ride quality in "soft" isn't as good as the Evora, and I must say at "speed" the Evora is more stable I was surprised when he commented the car front tends to float, Cold Tires may be... just making excuses. 



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4 hours ago, DaveC72 said:

Just back from a weekend in Axminster.  Met up with an oppo in his AM Vantage and we "pootled" around South East Devon with me taking the lead in the Evora.

His summary of the weekend was that the Evora was bloody noisy and got all the turned heads, pointing, waves and smiles - much to his annoyance. 

Sorry to miss you @DaveC72 - I live just a couple of miles from Axminster!  If you are across here again at some stage, let me know as it would be nice to say hello in person!

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