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Exige Scura

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260 Cups are around that price or just sneaking over the 50k price.

I would not pay more than 45k but I guess what people are willing to pay will determine the market value.

Are you interested? Or just surprised by the price?

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According to @jonnyboyon the other place, they don't have the original parts so the 300 mod is not reversible (easily). In my view, they are so rare that it's probably a fair price even with the modification but it depends if it would be in addition to your current fleet, or instead of? The Scura is basically one for 500 miles a year and no trackdays

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1 hour ago, Gashead1105 said:

The Scura is basically one for 500 miles a year and no trackdays

Go and beat yourself with a stick! 😄

It interesting that some Lotus are falling into the don't use em bracket now, hmmmm I don't like this... Scura is a definition of track weapon. 

What an amazing spec. Have driven various guises of the S2 Exige but never this.. looks like the best incarnation. 

@scotty435 would be a great addition to your stable.. pls buy it and track it at least a couple of times a year... I do this with mine (just a few outings, does the car justice) pleeeeease!😉


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No, it's a 50k S2 exige! I would entirely agree, but when you can get one for track use for 20k-25k less than that (and the OP already has an Elise cup 250), why would you bother? This is an investment car now unfortunately, and one that has been modified. Personally I thing it's a risky time and price point to be entering that market with this type of car, but what do I know? My 2008 S2 Sprint 7 years ago was 26k, and I wouldn't pay double that now for (effectively) the same car with 5 years (allowing for the Scura being a 2010 car) older suspension etc etc! 

OP, do you have the updated gear shift mechanism? Having now experienced the new one on a daily basis in my 400, I couldn't go back to the old version :blush:



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Fabulous car, I had the great privilege to drive one at the Nurburgring and Spa some years ago now. Absolutely loved it.

However, I sold my V6 Cup for less than that with only 2000 more miles. The S2 is a paragon of delicacy and precision but the V6 Cup is in a different league across the board.

I personally think the original V6 Cups are undervalued and this Scura is about right but as things stand I'd probably look for a V6 Cup or mint LF1. A perfect, unraced Exige Cup 260 might be even more desirable too.

Scura was quite civilised for an S2 Exige, closer to the RGB really. The 260s are I believe more raw without sound deadening so good for some, but others might prefer a tiny bit of extra road bias.

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Yes it's a nice car that.  It will sell for respectable money I'm sure. 

The old you can get a stock one and mod it for 20k less is fine but it's never going to be a Scura. Damn shame it's been messed with though but it was done when you could buy a regular S for 22 grand so less care probably taken over originality.  

S2 Exige S are a classic in the making so this being arguably the ultimate version and so rare makes it a very intriguing proposition. 

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About 3 years ago B&C had one of these for sale it went in a matter of days for about 43k, as I remember.

I always wanted Scura, but back then the price scared me a bit... Price will slowly go up, but that also means you shouldn't drive it a lot. That's not why you should buy a Lotus (or any car!) right? :)

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