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Guide to taking the door card off to fix the door locks

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Howdy all,  any one know how to get the door cards off in an S1 Evora?  My door locks are playing up, especially the passenger side.  The central locking actuator is moving the locking pin but the pin does not rise up fully and the door remains locked.  I either have to fully pull the pin up by hand if on the inside or the car or use the key and have a 2 or 3 goes at unlocking until the pin is sufficiently raised to unlock the door.  Central locking works fine to lock the car just the unlocking is causing problems.  I'm thinking of opening up the door and taking a look inside to see if something is actually broken or just needs a clean and grease.  I had quick look around but couldn't find any info on how to get the door cards off, if any one had done this before or knows of a guide, I'd be very grateful.  thank you.

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From the Service Notes (section VE):

The door trim panel is secured to the door shell by the door pull handle fixings, five screws along the bot- tom shutface, a single screw at the top front corner, and three location pegs along the top edge. Note that the door speaker grille is fixed to the door panel, but the speaker itself is mounted to the door shell.
To remove/refit door trim panel
1. Prise out the window and mirror switches and unplug the harness connector.
2. Remove the door front top corner closing panel:
- Prise out the two fir tree fasteners.
- Remove the two screws in the flange of the air duct connector. Remove the single fixing screw securing the panel to the door shell.
3. Prise out the finisher plate from the door pull handle (4 spring clips), and remove the two fixings securing the handle and trim panel to the door.
4. Remove the five screws in the underside of the door securing the panel. Pull out the bottom of the door panel and lift the top edge location pegs from their slots in the door shell. Unhook the door release cable from the handle, and disconnect the door harness from the window/mirror switchgear and mood lighting strip.
Refit in reverse order to removal.


(I suggest that you get yourself a copy of the Service Notes. They are very useful in these sort of situations). 

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Sorry to drag up an old conversation but the information provided is great for a novice like me so I followed the guide today as the pull handle on my Evora is not attached correctly, I got the door card off but was unsure of how to unhook the door release cable from the handle. Is there any more guidance or photos of how to carry out this step? The door card is annoyingly dangling by the door release cable so being able to get the door card off fully would be very useful in helping me be able to fix the issue I have.

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Good luck and welcome to TLF :)


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There's a small plastic clip on the underside of the door pull mechanism. It rotates anti-clockwise (on LHS, or CW on RHS) if looking from the top of the card down. Rotate the clip, pull the end of the cable out of the mechanism, and then unscrew the retaining nut closest to the mechanism holding the cable onto the latch pull assembly and back the cable out of the mounting hole. 

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