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Starter motor problem that's probably NOT a starter motor problem

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The Evora was in the garage last week whilst they try to get to the bottom of why its been having problems starting.  When the problem first started happening it seemed to be ok after me putting the battery on charge so I initially thought the issue was battery related, but it kept happening after i replaced the battery (maybe the fact it worked after charging was just a coincidence?)... anyway last week I took it down to Westover.  They've confirmed the batter is ok, and all week it started for them every time they tried, until yesterday when they couldn't start it either.

They've then said it's the starter motor that needs replacing, approx £450 plus cost of labour.  I needed a car for this weekend to come visit the folks, so they've shown me where I need to give the existing starter motor a whack with something hard if it sticks which supposedly sorts the problem.

This morning, it doesn't start, I try giving the starter motor unit a tap....... nothing (we try this several times).  Dad starts having a look about - he's good with cars and electrics and that sort of thing (I am not).

Dad connected his electrical reading thingy to the connector on the starter solenoid and when I turn the ignition key there's nothing, so dad's observation is that the problem is NOT the starter motor or solenoid, it's something preventing the power getting that far.  To prove this, dad takes a wire from the positive terminal on the battery, I turn the ignition on, then dad taps the live wire on the starter solenoid terminal and voila, it works........ the conclusion therefore being that when 12 volts is put on the terminal the solenoid and the starter motor do their job (so must be working), yet there's no voltage at that connection point when I try with the ignition key.

I've tried taking the ignition relay out from the rear fuse box and putting the air conditioning one (ac comp) in its place (as they're the same), just to see if that solves it ( it doesn't).

Anyone got any ideas?  Everything else electrical seems to be working.  








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I'm no car mechanic by a long way but here is what my plan of action would be.

Take the ignition relay out and check the pins on the board that the ECU (or some other thingy) is actually telling the ignition relay to switch on.  If that results in a pass then I guess the problem is between relay and the starter motor otherwise problem is before the relay.

Try and have a look on DeRoure to see if the parts diagrams show what else is in the whole ignition path.

Then try checking the nodes between each component in that path to see where the fault is.


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This gives all wiring diagrams which should help identify the circuit  and help naoor down the culprit.



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there is a connection block for the + wires (+ from battery connecting to 3 or 4 other wires including to the starter moter)   inside the left rear wheelarch.
I have seen that connection getting loose 
inner wheelarch out and you can see it.



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