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Hi guys, I hope this is in the right section first of all.

The mrs got me thinking about the Lotus' battery life. My company car (GT86) dies if I don't use it for more than 2-3 weeks and it pisses me off. Yet my 370z can be left for 4 weeks and have a weaker start but still be fine!

The reason I ask is cause I tend to do about 350 miles a month, but only over the course of a weekend when I travel from Bournemouth to Plymouth and back to see the mrs. So how would the battery cope with being left for 3 weeks at a time? 

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I don't think it would last over the winter unless the battery is brand new - I always stuck mine on a trickle charger, even when I was only leaving it for a week!

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Ah it is as I feared, that sucks! I don't want to let it die almost completely, then recharge it, then let it die and recharge before use ( rinse and repeat cycle ) as I feel this would be bad for it, due to going so low in charge. 

I currently just use a halfords normal battery charger that charges it from basically flat to full over the course of a day - but will obviously invest in proper kit as its a care I care about, unlike the toyota! ( Don't get me started on that.... )

My main issue is where I park, it's basically open to the elements. I can park closer to my house, but then all the dirt from the roof blows onto the car and within a day its covered in grit etc and birds like to empty not an option. Can I just run an extension lead out the garage and leave this runnning 24/7 in a secure but weather proof way? sorry new to this all! 

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Just disconnect the battery and lock the car using the key. It means the alarm won’t work, but I don’t think many people would be able to start the car without the battery connected anyway. 

I left mine like this for a month earlier this year as I was waiting for parts to arrive, and it started first time perfectly after.

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I forgot to reply, must've deleted the email thinking I'll reply now, but never did hahaha

I think I'll just disconnect the battery hahaha good idea, bit of a pain, but easily fixed


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