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Excel handbrake cable removal

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Hi folks,

Apologies if this has been covered before. I did have a look but I couldn't find anything....

I've been busy stripping my Excel chassis in preparation for a clean and refresh before I attempt to swap it for the rusty pile currently sitting under my Elite. Really I've just got the handbrake cables left now, but I can't get them detached from the brake backplates and pulled out of the backbone chassis section. 

Anyone got any tips or advice pleaae??

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Ah, thanks Tony. I'll sign up to that forum as well!

I tried cable ties at the backplate end, but that didn't do the trick. I'll have a go with some jubilee clips...

What about the other end? Do they just pull out of the tubes in the side of the chassis?

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Give the collets a good squirt with penetrating oil and brush/scrape them as well as you can - there could be gunk stuck under the prongs preventing them from compressing fully. That's what I did yesterday! And when you use the jubilee clips tighten them fully and then some more. Most have a hex head so I used a socket to achieve this. Even then, it didn't go through - I had to tilt it towards me to get the rear prong(s) in the hole then push the front prong in with a screwdriver, and yank the cable hard from behind at the same time.

Whoever designed this particular piece of engineering should be forced to carry out at least 40 removals on well used cars!

Good luck, Richard

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Thanks for the advice all!

I found some old fuel pipe clamps which are quite similar in operation to a jubilee clip. I fitted one of them round the collet, tightened it up and the cable popped out as easy as anything 😊👍

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Well, in the absence of any further guidance I blundered on and finally.managed to remove both handbrake cables from the chassis at the weekend. 

On one side I managed to pull the cabe out by repeatedly yanking sharply on the cable until the cable outer pulled out of the ferrule! Luckily the ferrule had come out far enough by that point for me to lever it the rest of the way out with a screwdriver, along with the split collets (thankfully!)

The other site was a different story...

The yanking only succeeded in pulling the cable outer from the ferrule without it budging a millimetre. In the end I had to resort reaching in though the bottom of the chassis (which I turned upside down to make life a bit easier), and pushing a long punch in through the back end of the cable retaining tube so it made contact with the inner end of the ferrule and the bashing the punch with a hammer. It was a bit tricky to say the least! With one hand reaching in through one of the big holes in the bottom of the chassis holding the punch in place and the other hand reaching in through one of the other holes with the hammer, I managed to eventually knock the ferrule out along with the collets and the rest of the cable, mullering the end if the ferrule in the process.

So job done, I can now properly clean and repaint the stripped chassis 😊

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