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LCD clock in dash - repairable?

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Well it depends what's wrong with your clock ?!

If you mean that the LCD display itself is damaged / "leaky", all you can do is replace it.

However if the LCD display itself is good, and you suspect it's just the electronic part of the clock that's not working right... then depending on how it's made (never torn one apart before), might be repairable since it's all school electronics... the kind of thing I like to work on and fix. However if the mechanical construction makes likely that it would get damaged while trying to take it apart, and/or if all there is to see inside is a blob of epoxy rather than discrete components... then you are out of luck  I think !

So... to sum it up :


- Describe your symptoms better (take pics of what you see, if that helps convey the message...)

- If it appears that the LCD itself is OK but the electronics is at fault, then once you have removed the clock from the binnacle, take some pics of it, and try to open it geeeently. If you managed to get in it without damage... take a few macro pictures of it to show me what's in it exactly, so I can see if it's made of discrete components or just black blob of epoxy...

I am in France but such a small and light item should be very cheap to ship to me... of course would be easier if there was another electronic guy in the UK... is there any electronic fellow on this forum BTW ?! Just curious ...  🙂

Obviously if the clock is from another car, likely I guess, and that you can find a replacement for a couple quid at the local scrappy... might not worth trying to repair it, I guess. Still, just for the fun of it I would like to try and see if I can repair it ! Would ship it back to you in case of success, would make for a spare, can't hurt.




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Hi Vince

Thanks for taking the time to reply :) you are right, I should have mentioned the fault. Basically the display is completely dead, there is no bleed but it just doesn't display anything. It does light up when you turn on the lights so the back light is working. I will strip it out at the weekend and take some decent photos so you can have a look. Who knows, it might be a simple fix!

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You need to take the binnacle off to be able to remove the entire clock. My clock suffered from a bleeding lcd display however I couldn’t find a suitably sized replacement.

i ended up buying a different unit off of amazon and modified the dash to get it to fit.




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16 hours ago, Llewelyn82 said:

[..] there is no bleed but it just doesn't display anything. It does light up when you turn on the lights so the back light is working.

Yes it looks promising, thus far, looking forward to see its guts, crack it open ! 🙂  But do so extremely gently of course...

With some luck the body will just be held together with clips, with less luck it will be glued or ultrasonically welded. In this case you need to "Dremel" the joint/weld with a small cutting disc, being careful not to penetrate the plastic body by more than the thickness of the enclosure... the electronic circuit board will probably be right behind and could get easily damaged. Set the speed of the Dremel as low as is possible as long as it can still cut the plastic. The slower it goes, the less damage it will do to the electronic board, should the disc go too far, or slip. No need to be overly worried... just be careful, take your time, and cut it all around with precision... it is doable 🙂 
If the plastic is very thin, you might even be able to cut it with a sharp knife, less risky than a rotating tool.

Obviously I am crossing fingers that it is not welded ! LOL

Sorry for babying you like this, I apologize,  😉 but I had a bad experience with a friend who needed to repair the electronic ignition module on his Honda motorbike. I told him to be cautious, to take his time when cutting it open... but I think his patience lasted only 1 and half minute : the damage he made to the circuit board was way too much. Took me a lot of time to repair all the broken traces, but sadly he went so far as to go THROUGH the thickness the circuit board itself.. hence doing damage to the other side, the component side... which was "potted" with epoxy resin as often in such gear, so I had no physical access to the components to even attempt a repair ! He ruined his module just because he could not be bothered take 5 or 10 minutes to do a careful job, how sad...  😞

Or if you don't feel like cutting the case,.... just replace your clock with an after market one like Chris did, and send your OEM to me, I will open it myself.  If it's repairable I will send it back to you a few days later, should be quick to diagnose, those things aren't exactly rocket science...



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Thanks Vince. I will keep you posted!

I am pretty cautious when it comes to these things (learning from previous schoolboy errors!!). It looks straightforward to remove once the cluster is out. I might do it later today but the weather is so hot the lotus position isn't much fun :D

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