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Lotus Exige Cup 430

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Will pop some up on collection day but....    

This is the way she normally parks on the drive. Blocking everyone else in !!! Couple more from today,  but not quite George Williams quality !! Also pic of my old Kawasaki green 380. A

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With all that Carbon and the big wing the Cup 430 looks good in any colour. 

My preference are the brighter Lotus colours though but always liked metallic black and grey.

My old 380 in Kawasaki Green always stood out from the crowd 🧐

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4 hours ago, TDExige said:

Finally the 430 is here... still in customs, hopefully this week will be home









Welcome to the club, lovely Red is it Ardent ?

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8 minutes ago, stephenwhyte said:

Just spotted the personalised plaque - are Lotus now doing that for the purchaser @TDExige?

I believe that has been an option for some time now, the Dealer here in Panama, offered that as an option (not free), so I took the advantage to make it personalized 

I have a very very good dealer, young dealer, very well attended and always responding all my questions 


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12 hours ago, schubacca13 said:

Does somebody know how much Cup 430 were produced so far?

This has been covered in full elsewhere but from memory there were only 22 UK registered Cup 430’s by the end of the summer 

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With the festive season upon us and the New Year nearly here I thought I would look to improve on the aesthetics of my Cup 430 in 2020.

I am very  happy with the basics but looking at improving :

The standard rear transom, painting the charge cooler cover from Red to either yellow or Vivid Green, having the front clam bonnet air vents  clad in Carbon ala: McLarens ( awaiting info on this ) , possibly also looking to replace the Matt black front and rear roof pillar covers and the black protection below the side intakes . Anything else ??

The car has overall behaved  impeccably in over 18 months with no rattles or squeaks and having it full ceramic coated with additional PPF has preserved the paintwork as new. 

I wish my  McLaren had faired so well !!

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I’m surprised he has had so many issues. I had a few initially myself,  but the past 12 months and 5,000 miles later it has been excellent. 

Looking back over my previously owned  Exige’s,  the biggest transformation/improvement are the road manners. The 3 way Nitrons are without doubt one of the best upgrades you can make and allow the Cup 430 to be a good road car but within a few minutes adjusting settings transformed into a very competent track animal


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I saw a Cup 430 where the decals already came off after 500 km and the matt black wrap of the "eyliner" and in front of the rear tyres seems quite sensitive. Can somebody confirm that?

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