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Reviving the '85

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My '85 has been off the road for 5 years. Fortunately, I'm able to drive the '89 as a daily. I've had the '85 since 1993 and have done many mods in the past. It's time for the '85 to be out on the back roads again.

I am trying to source SS exhaust manifold flanges to build a rather unorthodox exhaust manifold. Transitions would be a huge bonus. Please let me know if anyone has these. Keep in mind I'm in New York State...

The '89 has received many mods which have proven beneficial; most are updated versions of tried and proven mods on the '85. The following will be addressed in order of difficulty: 

- Radical, equal length SS turbo manifold

- Elimination of the plenum to ensure precisely equal air flow. May incorporate water to air intercooling.

- Reversed coolant flow with electric water pump / controller. (the '89 has this)

- Coil on plug (did this mod today on the '89)

I appreciate any help on sourcing the flanges and transitions. It's good to be back...


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Perhaps you could take a rubbed template off your existing manifold and get one water cut from that?

EBay has lots of the turbo side flanges, Burns Stainless has nice collectors etc.

I assume you've seen the new Alunox CNC'd individual flanges for the exhaust ports, you might see if they would part with a set?

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Same as above,  Or just remove the manifold and make a carboard template , or draw one out/ trace it, and give it to the laser/water cutting place,  simple design for the operator to programme in at little cost imo.   At least this way way you can have the flange diameter at what ever you are after for your set up :thumbup:


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Thanks guys. I checked with one of the local machine shops and they are water jet cutting them. just a few years ago no one in the area had  the capability. we are typically in an area which is a 'Black Hole' of fabrication. I will update when it comes together.



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