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V8 Dipstick Tube installation.

Guest modifiedv8engines

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Guest modifiedv8engines

Has anyone managed to replace the dipstick tube on their V8 without removing the exhaust manifold, turbo, turbo plumbing, exhaust system etc etc. or resorting to engine removal.

Long story but need to replace my hand made alloy tube ( dont ask ) which I installed some time ago when the engine was out and with the manifolds etc in place. 

Couple of places now appear to make this obsolete part which is good news but fitting the stupidly designed serpentine shaped thing isnt. 


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Oh dear - that's a bit of a bugger.  I'm fairly confident that you're not going to have necessary maneuverability/access to install a fresh tube without taking the engine out.  On the bright side, engine removal is not a huge task and would allow you to check other things that are impossible to access with the engine installed.

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Guest modifiedv8engines

Thanks for responding Mike.

Think its a case of "under car oil level checks" for the time being. 

Shame of it is, its done very few miles ( estimate 500mls in 7 years) since the engine was last out and this job was really a last job ( other than a couple of bits of paint) to do before offering the car for sale.

Quite a presentable and quick car, mechanically pretty good, gearbox rebuilt, leaking manifolds studs replaced, refaced flywheel, new clutch, rebuilt turbos, new turbo pipes, gearbox linkage cables, new coolant rad. GAZdampers, factory springs, wheel bearings, drilled discs + spares, such as rear spoiler, new turbo, targa roof and solid type with bags, new std pistons, liners, camshafts, bearings, used AP Racing 4 pot calipers and other than a few bits of paint to do, I think its time to let this one go. Also has OZ 19/[email protected] 3pce Split rims + factory wheels in reasonable shape.   

Never really gelled with this one for various reasons , so may be a good time to reduce my "fleet" and tinker with my other vehicles instead. Not really intended this as an ad for the car but  it wont be me that hauls that engine out again ...






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How did you do it?

Vanya Stanisavljevic '91 Esprit SE | '97 XK8

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Guest modifiedv8engines

Used the original dipstick tube with the rusted lower part cut off.

Sourced a piece of 3/8" a/c thin wall copper tube to make up the lost/rusted length. Attached the copper tube to the engine block using the old union nut and olive and then slid some flexi tube over the joint and held that in place with a couple of clips. Works perfectly although a little bit trial and error to get the dipstick reading correct as I wasnt 100% sure how long the original tube was.

Used dipstick itself as a rough estimator for overall tube length with 107mm of tube inserted into the engine block (107mm not critical)  

Copper more resistant to steel in terms of corrosion so should last a while and a kind of "stop gap" fix until sometime in the future when I or another owner needs to pull the engine for service/repair. Copper also nice and easy to bend by hand.

If these tubes were made in 2 sections they could be fitted with engine in situ rather than the need for engine removal.

Hope this helps someone else who has the same or similar issue.



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