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Exhaust Noise Level

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Just finished my rather patched together exhaust on GT2 and I was wondering what kind of db levels poeple have recorded from the car. Most tracks here run 98bd @ 3/4 max rpm - I'm very much tempted to take the CAT off and out my small silencer in there and then take the exhaust straight out the back - wondered if anyone has had similar experience.

Could it be louder than a V8 with sports exhuasts ? :wacko:


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Hi Jon

My exhaust is a Larini Sports single exit with de-cat pipe ,last year at Coombe at 3500 rpm it was 108 db as measured by race track noise abatement type bloke :wacko: But inside cabin unless have window down not too bad at all,still able to hear built in speed window down it is then :D


Nick S4s

Simplest things first.

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i also have the Larini single exhaust and have empty'd the cat (yust open it, get everything out and close it again)

it gives a marvellous sound on the outside

no problems for the driver with the windows closed

on the track there is a problem

mine has about 107 db and there are certain tracks where this is too much

if you know (yust costs a few buck's) where they are doing the measurement you will have to lift your foot for 3 secs.

this works for me on Zolder and francorchamps. zandvoort doesnt bother


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researche is something i do when i don't know what the hell i'm doing

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I have just installed the Larini single exit and my cat has also errrr.... lost some weight. While I am very happy with the noise mine makes, does it really get that loud? That would be a problem for me at track days.

Does anybody know what db levels you get with the Larini + cat intact, or perhaps with the Larini cat? May have to look at doing something to bring the noise back down a bit. :wacko:

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I really think it is ok to be loud, considering the Harley Davidson bikes get even louder than most racing cars on the road.

If Harley can legally run around downtown with such noise level, Esprit is nothing.

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I'm not sure of something that could help

when driving on the circuits in belgium (the ones that do take db mesures) i have seen some drivers with a grip fixed on the end of the exhaust pipe

was to late to ask them for the reason

the only thing i can think of is that this splits the exhaust noise a little ??????

does somebody know this ?

it could help me

they have a max of 104 db. mine is 107 and with max power 111

perhaps with the grip i can stay under the 104 ?????

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researche is something i do when i don't know what the hell i'm doing

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my last exhaust read 125db, man loud, but my new single exit is 110-115 i would say, mine also still has a cat but no sliencer at all and 2 bends. i have been on one track but i may have blagged it a little to get on he he he,hold it at 3000rpm, not my fault i get 3000rpm and 1300rpm mixed up, and then she still said could i short shift past the meter lol


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So who's out there with a Larini or similar aftermarket/sports/highflow exhaust and has had both a cat and no-cat in place to compare the difference.

Only had my Larini exhaust on for a few weeks, & while it sounds great a WOT, the more I drive it the more I feel it is not quite as refined on the road as it should be, & it pops & backfires a bit too much on normal driving. (I have a de-catted cat).

I was thinking of going the whole-hog & get the Larini Cat to match up with my exhaust, but before I take the plunge (its very pricey) I'd like to hear from you guys.

Ta in advance. :whistle::wacko::rtfm:


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