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Tyres for predominantly track car

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Just to summarise then - trofeo and cup2 are both good tyres, which one you prefer is probably personal opinion unless you enjoy a wet track day, then the cup2’s are the better bet. If you are on a budget go for whichever of those two thats cheaper at the time.

Geo set up is key to maximising the tyres potential - some issues might not be tyre related but rather set up.

psi needs to be 30 hot but checks need to be done after each session as track temp etc vary.

Sorry for some of the drift thread and thanks for bearing with me - been super helpful.

RS4 let us know which you choose and how you think they compare. 


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3 hours ago, 550superfast said:

Which sizes? 265 or 285 rear?

I bought 215/45/17 and 265/35/18 for standard Sport 350 wheels. Going with 285/30/18 rears would only make it ~£15 more expensive, still at around £650 for a set delivered

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1 hour ago, BatMobile said:

just checked and my tyres are actually corsa’s! 



Guess I do need new rubber.....trofeos it is 


haha, hand your membership card in on your way out 😂😁

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10 minutes ago, Arun_D said:

haha, hand your membership card in on your way out 😂😁

I know, when I hopefully bump into you all at a track i will owe beer/lunch/something else depending on the time of day; this had me laughing at my stupidity! 

So I stand by my original comment, they are rubbish 😀

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49 minutes ago, quantum2000 said:

Just about to put cup 2's on, where's everyone buying them from?

I bought mine from Camskill, with good availability and service

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Thanks folks - I’ll sort something out later this week

what tread depth do the Trofeo start at, i know less than normal. 

Ive got 3 ‘away’ day track days coming up so don’t want to get caught short away!

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14 hours ago, 550superfast said:

@RS4 you have snoozed us in to submission with you indecision

Go trofeo if you want outright grip, if you want them to last longer go Cup2 - if you go Cup2 you can get the slightly larger size

But that doesn’t actually answer the question posted above! 😂

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I've only really driven my cup on ZZRs apart from a couple of weeks when I first had the car on Pzero Trofeos. 99% happy with the ZZR apart from a sub zero temp day (cold but dry) earlier this year when I couldn't get any temp in them and found them tricky on the limit. I did a load of laps (also at Spa) running  along with a 360 cup on cup2s and we were very similar on track. I've not especially enjoyed the ZZR in the wet but have driven a few more wet laps than last year (patchy not teeming) and found them ok. Interesting that the ZZR are maybe not road legal.. I need to did around for more info.

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