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TLF Evora 'Sports Racer' Club!


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7 hours ago, pete757 said:

 Lotus 'ran out' the S1 in style! 

They certainly did, the very final few cars featured unique colours, extended leather pack & dumped that common black pack :P :sofa:

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A Sports Racer?   I thought black wheels and a Union Flag badge were the standard. (JAWS - I think - spelt out the full spec earlier in the thread.)  So a "forgery"/wannabe?

PS: Sorry, can't discuss - business away for a few days.

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8 hours ago, Bravo73 said:

Will this do?


Perfect! Many thanks!

That is very nice :>)

I actually think I prefer the look of the silver wheels on the car than the SR OEM 'black' ones...

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On 06/07/2018 at 16:02, AndyHamp said:

Nice cars are rocking horse poop ... I need a IPS car, i'd prefer SR spec, needs to be a S model ....... just nothing around. Only seen one other and that was keenly priced and went before i could even view it ... that one has be advertised for ages. 10% less and it would be worth a proper consideration ....

@AndyHamp, your car has arrived:

(As long as you like the pewter grey/undercoat look. Some do, some don’t). 

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22 hours ago, Breeze said:

I was the first Lotus customer of Hexagon of Highgate.  I bought my S. Sport Racer in June 2015.  Nightfall blue, IPS and LHD ...I live in Italy.  Love the car. I did at one point think about moving on to a 400, but I was just never convinced by the interior. In building in lightness, it somehow looks a bit cheap compared to the late model Sr's, I also prefer the looks of the series 1 Evora, All personal taste though. ........ So, can I join the Sport Race club then?


You have joined! WHAT a lovely example, that colour really looks lovely 😎

Know exactly what you mean by the interior of the S1's... 😉 

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A few hours ago I posted a picture of my Evora S SR in carbon grey here.  That it was precisely that model and colour scheme is highly relevant. I now find that the powers that be have moved the post to the "Pictures" thread - adding to the hundreds/thousands of others there. I wouldn't have bothered posting it, knowing that was to be its destination.

Unarguable; in purely factual terms: it was a picture of an Evora.  Case closed.

I believe however that whoever took the decision did so on that simple factual basis without any appreciation of what that particular picture on this particular thread represented in terms of the precise nature of the carbon grey and black finish illuminated by bright dappled sunlight coming through trees. A perfect combination, IMO.  It could not have been equalled by any other model in any other colour scheme. Hence a specifically relevant little flag-wave for the SR "club" here!

I further observe that the initial posts here in the last several cases, and many previously, have been similar to my post. Essentially little more than photos of particular SR's with a brief remark. Other posters were then stimulated to comment, replied to etc., as I did in some cases, and of course would have done so to any comments here.  

Going on,  my post was a deliberate resurrection of this latterly neglected thread, the previous post being some nine months ago. That, I thought, was obvious from my comment: "Time to shine a little [dappled] sunlight on this thread". 

Well, I tried! 



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Thank you, "powers that be".  The photo now restored.

I will admit that I could have given more of an explanation in the first place. But all's well that ends well.

Hope the SR community - and those perhaps interested for the future -  like the picture.  It was taken quickly as I walked back to the car on a very ordinary bottom of range Samsung phone, and is absolutely un-retouched or adjusted, except for concealing the number plate.  No posing or angle-onising! 

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19 hours ago, trcm said:

I should do this more often really 😕


I put her flags on today, not sure if they'll stay or not yet.


A 16 plate sports racer must be the last one registered.?

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