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Cooling fan help needed!


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I have a new problem with the fans on my esprit, I had the fan fail light coming on and noted that the right hand fan was not running with the other two so cleaned a corroded earth and it started working again.

The same fan stopped working again today and the otter switch had tripped (others working). Reset the otter and the 3rd fan started working again?? But now all the fans run all the time unless I pull the fan relay. Tested the fan relay and that’s fine, disconnected the fan thermal switch and no change still running all the time.

Where do I look next?!?

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The otter switch doesn't "trip". When the coolant temperature exceeds it's calibrated value, it simply turns's a bi metallic strip..and when the temperature goes back below, it switches OFF. Nothing to be externally reset... They do go wrong and can fail in the OFF position. Testing it is easy...remove it from the pipe, put a test meter across it and check it is OFF...then put it in a saucepan of water and heat that to boiling point and check it switches ON just before it boils. If that works, the switch is OK...otherwise it needs replacing. Make sure the connections a clean and secure... The otter switch operates the fan relay, which in turn makes the fans work. Again, clean and secure connectionsare essential... Easy way to check the relay and fans is to remove the connections from the otter switch and connect them together. Relay should operate and the fans come on. Work your way through the system bit by bit with a's about as basic as electrics get!! 

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Sorry i meant the otter contact breaker module on the side of the wheel arch in the fron services compartment. All sorted now anyway, fans cycle on and off correctly at correct temp (confirmed with digital thermocouple equipment ) It seems that the fans run if the a/c switch is on that was all it was! (still getting to know the car)

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