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Engine sealant?


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Hello, i'am currently rebuilding my 1983 turbo engine. So i'am  searching for the  best sealant to do so.

I think Wellseal and Hylomar is 35 year old stuff, so there must be  better stuff now for this job.

Oil pan to lower bearing panel?

Lower bearing panel to block?

Camshaft housing to head?

Cylinder liner to block?


Thanks in advance.

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Lotus recommended Permabond A136 in later years for the cam carriers and this is a modern sealant. It would likely be fine for the sump and bearing panel also.

Not sure about liners.

Agree Wellseal and Hylomar are obsolete.

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1 hour ago, Andyww said:

Not sure about liners.


Hylomar Gasket 2000 or Rover stuff is good. Loctite anaerobic gasket sealants seem to Harden over time leading to weep and leaks.

Hylomar Blue stuff for the liners wasn't it IIRC???

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Talk to Steve at S&J. He has some really great zero thickness a treat.

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I have to do this soon and I think I read somewhere...

Permabond A1044 which is what SJ sell I believe (double check though) OR Loctite 567

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