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Rain In Engine Bay

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How do you guys feel about your V8 standing in the rain knowing that lots of water will leak through the engine air ducts in the back bonnet.

Maybe there is no need to worry because the designers must have thought about it, but somehow I always feel uncomfortable when it is out there and it rains heavily. I am thinking of making a small plate to cover it up. Any thoughts?

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I've done that on mine - I've also made a proto type of a locking cover so you can leave the car in public and not have people nick them or shove stuff down the vents ! Like everything else I've not had time to finish them.

There's no harm in doing it, the older V8's used to suffer a bit from water leaking into the sparking plug banks, this was solved later on with updates to the covers (most people just sealed them up with mastik) - at least there's nothing fatal in there like with the Elise S1 where water used to get into the distributer :D doh !

Many rear engine cars have exposed vents at the back - but unless I've just come back from a run I always cover mine when it's outside.....actually come to think of it I've just come up with a better design.... to the scribble pad with me crayons ! :wacko:

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Thanks Jonathan,

Maybe you can post some pictures if you have it ready. I am thinking of designing some myself.

Same interest here. Up to now I have lifted the engine cover off and put a big plastic sheet over the engine, pushed down at the sides - water still passes through the bay but not onto the top of the engine some ancillaries low down either side get wet though.

However, I've always considered this a very poor solution. One day I will forget its there and end up with a horribly 'shrink wrapped' V8..... That might prove a bit of a bastard to get clean...


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Giant BBQ grill cover. Fits on the 918 engine block like a glove. Open boot, take off engine cover, and throw this grill cover directly on the block. Then put back engine cover, and shut boot. And you're ready for monsoon season, or a rinse down/car wash.

Weather proof AND heat resistant...


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My idea was 2 bungee cords with a piece of material in the middle - the clips of the cords will fit aroud the hatch and also lock in place when you shut it. The material (vnyil etc) acts in the same way as the early turbo glass rear screens so the rain falls off and goes onto the rear deck and drains away.

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These are all valid ideas but I don't think they're really needed. Lotus designed the engines with the shape of the car in mind so stopping water ingress into important places will have been on the brief.

The V8 spark plugs + leads are all protected by a waterproof gasket/sealer and the 4 cylinder cars have a shaped engine cover to channel any water away from vunerable electric parts. As long as these items are fitted and in good condition, there shouldn't be any issues.

If you drive your car in the rain, a lot of water is drawn up from underneath the car and through the deck vents and this never gives any problems.

Fitting your own version of an umbrella will no doubt give you peace of mind, but I dread to think of the consequences should you drive off and forget to remove the cover! :whistle:

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I got round this by having a glass backed model. :whistle:

They had the solution and got rid of it, retro fit a glass tailgate and you get what

Lotus state is the best aerodynamic tailgate, and you can take the whole grill out

and have your engine on show if you so desire! It was the future once, now sadly

replaced with plastic bags (albeit which follow the Lotus Ethos of being lighter and

doing two jobs, even if one is shopping).


Glad they didn't remove the glass roof and replace with a couple of holes too.


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You know what I hate about the glass back ?

The ridge around the deck that makes for a nice swimming pool - lift it up, you get the idea....right into the engine bay :thumbsup:

I always cover the vents when it rains, hate the evaporation marks/stains on the engine cover.

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