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400 on Cup 2 tyres

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Thanks for sharing,  I also test drove the 410 when I had my 400 and wondered how much was down to tyres.  Now we know :) 

Previously owned :Exige 380,  Exige 350,  Evora 400,  Exige V6S,  Esprit GT3,  2-11 SC,  Evora S,  Elite 501

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3 hours ago, Stubox said:

So you’re running a 400 with the 410 geo and Cup2s ? Or did you reset the car to 400 geo and added Cup2s.

If the former it sounds like a nice compromise 👍

I am running 410 geo and the cup 2s.  Sorry, should have clearer!

3 hours ago, rallyesax said:

Did you bought replacement market tires or the 410 ones (which are half RT and half BMW if im right) ? 

Thanks for the feedback anyway. 😊

That is a good question, and I didnt even know this was a thing! I shall take a look at the tyre codes when I am back home and let you know.

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