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Indicator / Hazard electrical problems?!

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Hi All, 

My 1985 Turbo Esprit's indicators dont work. However when I flick the hazard lights on, only the left indicator works (both external lights and internally on the dashboard). If I then flick the indicator to a right hand turn, with the hazard lights on, the right side works as it should. 

Has anyone had this problem before, or know where I should start? 

Thanks in advance.


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All the indicator wiring goes through the Hazard switch, which has a brittle nylon rocker inside that tends to break. Switches as far as I know are NLA. Switch is easy to remove and disassemble to check the rocker if you are gentle with the old plastic tabs. Search forums here and over at lotustalk (USA indicators= "turn signals") for discussion and a link to someone who is offering a printed replacement for the rocker if that turns out to be your issue. There's a Rover functional replacement that fits close enough, but won't match in appearance.

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