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Refitting carbs


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I've now rebuilt the carbs on my dry sump and they're ready to go back in but I'm struggling to find any info in the service notes regarding the tightness of fitting the carbs to the inlet manifold studs as I believe there should be some 'float' and shouldn't be too tight. I've bought new rubber spacers/cup washers and 8 new large o rings for the aluminium spacers. Any info on how to get the right torque would be much appreciated! 

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Handy topic as I have to do the same tomorrow but I still have a leak on one carb at the bottom despite all new seals, diaphrams, floats set etc. I have tried them on already and took them off gain to try find the cause of the leak.


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Should be a 1mm clearance between carb and spacer, spacer and manifold............all around. Tighten slowly and evenly, measure using a feeler gauge.

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