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Engine stops


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My S4S has recently been stalling after idling. It can also stall while driving (both at high speed and city traffic). After a stall, it takes about 30 seconds to a minute and then i a able to restart by turning the ignition. However, immediately after the stall the ignition will crank but not start. I have replaced the fuel pump but that has not rectified the issue. I have not run a scan yet. I am hopeful that someone might have some insight.  Thanks.

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A bit more detail would be good.  Does it happens across engine temp/speed ranges, or is it something more specific?

Original fuel tanks?  I've seen examples that have debris in the tanks that builds up and blocks whilst pump is running, then clears enough for a start seconds/minutes later.

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If you can replicate it, try removing the gas caps to vent the fuel tank pressure to see if it is easier to start.

Or you could clamp the charcoal canister purge line to the intake manifold, as a test.

I had some hot stalling once, venting the fuel tanks allowed the car to start, and replacing the charcoal canister fixed the issue.



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Did you find the cause of the problem??  I found when mine decided to start playing up ,turning over not starting etc it was down to the relays in the rear relay tray becoming loose ,had to dismantle the entire tray and re-crimp all the spade grips which the relays fitted into ,never had another problem with it ,just a thought.

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