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Mild lowering with standard Bilsteins

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Morning all, 

I did a search, but couldn't find much info on what options were available for very mildly lowering the factory Bilsteins. 

The Lotus Sport Bilstein coilovers on my Elise were height adjustable due to the adjustable spring purches. The Bilstein coilovers on my 111R were not height adjustable, but could be adjusted slightly if the coilovers were removed as there were three grooves in the shock that could be used to modify height. 

I'm aware the NA Evora Bilstein shocks don't have the adjustable spring platform, but does anyone happen to know if the height can be adjusted as per the standard Elise with the grooves in the shock? If so, has anyone done this to their Evora?

I'm aware there are aftermarket springs and full coilovers available (had Nitrons on my last car), but I'm hoping to maintain similar to the factory ride comfort and only lower by 10mm or so max. My car is a 2010 NA. 

Thanks again for your help.







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I get that a lot of cars need improving from standard (I am a huge fan of high-quality suspension replacements, usually). But can I just ask: why would you want to do this to an Evora? It's the first car I've owned (probably ever and I've had many nice cars in my years of addiction....) that I don't think needs fiddling with at all.

There's far more likelihood you'll compromise the (astonishingly-good) ride and handling, than not; and 10mm is bugger-all visually.

Your car looks great, mate. Just enjoy it as-is (which is wonderful)? 

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Purely for looks mate. The rear especially sits up a little high. Thanks for your thoughts, but I wasn't particularly after people's views on lowering, just whether the standard Bilsteins have any adjustment.  Each to their own.

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Thanks for that Tom. Might be a good start at least. Do you happen to know if there was any more adjustability available, or 5mm was the max? Great news though as it likely means the Bilsteins do have the grooves in the shock that the Elises had :)  

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For the record, I had a local suspension expert look at the shocks today. The shocks don't have the grooves for height adjustability, although they are relatively easy for an engineer to add aftermarket.  

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