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I have a TRD airbox fitted with a 2bular exhaust system. It sounds amazing but been on  a long drive this weekend it started to get a little tedious on the motorway when on cam. I have the old airbox and can refit that but was thinking that would it be possible to tune the airbox by restricting the amount of airflow into the TRD ? 

The inlet is more than twice the size of the original airbox so could I just fit reducing cap of sorts no smaller than the original airbox for long road trips ( weekends ) 

Any ideas ..

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It’s more to do with the lack of snorkel on the TRD. Which would be quite hard to do, with the triangular opening of the TRD.

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So it’s not the sheer mass of air or csa it more about how it gets there ?  

I thought the TRD airbox was from a Lexus 300 or 400 ? So many be there is another part that would be fitted ? 


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