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Have been doing some refurbishment on my final drive, and came across this.

If you look at the photo below you will see that the recess where the bearing collar sits is nice and smooth, all as it should be.


Now look at next photo at the same area on the other side....




The recess is covered in some black stuff.  At first I thought it was the remnants of an oil seal, but on further prodding and poking it feels like metal, won't budge (at the moment) whatever it is.

I have checked the coresponding inner drive shaft collar and it is intact and shows no signs of damage. I do remember when taking this side apart that it was harder to get out than the other.

Anyone come across anything like this before?  If so what was the remedy?

Thanks in advance



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I think it is unlikely to be metal, I suspect hard carbon deposits from burnt oil. If it was metal, you would have heard or felt it ! I have seen this before in similar situations, usually where lubrication is inadequate.

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Interesting. If it is a carbon build up what is the best way to dissolve it?

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Well after some further investigation I managed to get a little bit of the stuff off.  When cleaned it was very shiny and attracted to a magnet!  Damn! It's metal!  🙁

My best guess is that at some point in the past the final drive has destroyed the cone shaped bearing collar.  And that during the chassis rebuild in '94 they fitted a new one and put the driveshaft back in without grinding back the debris.

All I need to do now is work out the best way to grind it back to how it should be!

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