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brake caliper

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sorry admin if this is allowed, delete if not ....quoting a bit from from an old post from lotus

basically the guy has been getting his reconditioned calipers for a late s4 elan

"The number stamped on the caliper casting looks like 64327547. The guy at Classicar Automotive thought the number should be 64327863. Neither of these part numbers are listed in Paul Ribinshaw's Elan book.
I am rather perplexed as there seem to be so many possible Girling part numbers! Can ayone shed any light on this part number issue or had a similar problem Thankyou in anticipation"



I have discovered a brand new Girling caliper. in the deep forgotten depths of our obsolete stockroom at work  It is of unknown origin but has both said numbers casted on either side of the unit

looks similar to 

but the brake line enters in the side , back of the piston and not the top as in the caliper in the link


any use to anyone?

yours for price of P & P or the inconvenience of collection in Newcastle upon tyne

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Numbers on castings are usually just that - casting numbers. The finished products may use the same casting, but be machined differently. You see the same thing on brake master cylinder castings.


Margate Exotics.

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