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V8 Scan tool output questions...


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Hi All,

Since getting my Esprit back on the road I wanted to check out a few things to make sure it was doing everything right. So I have hooked up Peter's excellent OBDII scan software for the V8 and logged a couple of runs. Initially I captured just the Top 5 parameters but on the second shorter run I captured everything.

Primarily I wanted to see what sort of boost pressure I was getting in case it wasn't controlling it properly, the car does seem really quick.
Max MAP was 166KpaA which would seem to be about right at ~0.7 bar boost.
TPS max's out at 82, so I need to check the cable adjustment again, I am pretty sure this was reading 100% when I checked it when stood in the garage a few weeks ago.

The log info seems to make sense however there seem to be periods when more samples are taken and times when there are very few in a given time step. This is most noticeable (and perhaps only noticeable) in the 'Read All' sensors mode.

Is it struggling to keep up with the data throughput? Is this likely to be my OBDII interface (probably running at 9600 baud) or a function of the ECU performance?

The log claims to capture speed in KPH but the GUI states MPH, are they both correct (with different figures) or is the heading in the log incorrect? I would believe the numbers more if it was MPH.
I need to play with the software a little more to pick a handful of selected metrics to monitor, I think that is possible, right? 




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Anyone able to confirm if the data recorded captures kmh or mph? I did have metric selected but I don’t believe my top speed was only ~50mph. 

I’m away for a few days so can’t easily re-check and verify and this point is bugging me. 🤗



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