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Oil Temp Gauge

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48 minutes ago, alias23 said:

Is there a sandwich plate then for the sensor?

Nope, the filter on a 2GR-FE is a paper filter in an assembly, not a spin on which allows you to fit a sandwich plate.

I haven’t done it yet, but have on all previous Exiges, so cable routing the same.

Oil temp sensor: Not present on engine, and certainly not available via CAN. Will need a new boss in sump, convert existing sump plug or as @Seriouslylotus says, via a baffled sump.

Oil pressure sensor: Remove existing oil pressure switch location, can’t use the sensor as it’s on/off. Remove, place in a t-piece, hooked up to new variable sensor and existing factory sensor. Retains oil light and adds pressure gauge. See sensor location here:

Fitting: Remove undertray and diffuser, fit sensors  as above.

Remove seats, central console. 

Route cables from sensors, out of engine bay via handbrake routing and into cabin. Route cables down centre and in front of gearstick.

For cable routing it’s the same as power and rear view cam in my guide here:  

Now get a gauge mount like:

And some decent gauges

Wire up sensors, now tap power from stereo etc. 

Refit in reverse

Job jobbed. A day or so to do it if your

Oil temp is essential, less so oil pressure as it changes so much under load.

Currently working out how to get a feed for post charger intake temps, as think that’s more useful.

Will be doing the fit later in the year, as no time at present 


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On 21/07/2018 at 14:41, Seriouslylotus said:

Fit a baffled sump

They have a temp sensor boss ( I think)

Correct or add a bung to the stock steel baffled sump for oil temp.


bung 2 copy.jpg

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On 22/07/2018 at 03:29, vd9 said:

It's 2018 now, no need to turn the inside of a car into a Christmas tree, IMHO.

If you add a electric gauge, don't forget you can cut down clutter by hooking up two sensors with a SPDT switch. I use that for fuel/oil pressure and  oil/water temperature; 4 readings from two gauges. just flip to the reading you're most interested in at the time.

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Kinda looking to re-open this thread :)

For oil pressure I understand its a 1/8th fitment and the sensor would go inline with the existing factory location.
For oil temp you could remove the sump and install a bung?
For gearbox not really possible unless you've got a gearbox oil cooler setup in place and then tap into the line with a t-piece for a sensor?

Just want to check going down the right direction...

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If I had a 2GR-FE engine, I would check to see if anyone offers a system that T's off the oil switch port for oil pressure and temp and to retain the oil switch.

I have such a system on a 2ZZ. The benefit is that you are seeing the actual temp of the oil going into the engine.

Issues to consider are: The T is long enough to accommodate the outside diameter of the new pressure sender, allows for a 30mm or so deep temperature probe and most importantly has BSPT male thread to properly thread into the engine block, and a BSPT female thread at the opposite end to take the original switch (as you still want the low pressure warning light to appear on the cluster). The new gauge temp and pressure senders are likely need NPT fine female threads.

I have seen such an installation on another car type with a 2GR-FE which looked neat and secure, but dont know whether the Lotus application allows enough space near the drive belt, etc.

The thread of a brass T unit into the block must be BSPT and the pressure sender needs to be digital to avoid issues with this approach.

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