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First World Problems

Colin P

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I can't decide whether to sell or keep my Esprit.

I've been stalking Evoras and can just about afford an early N/A. I am not comfortable having 2 cars though, cost and storage. Trouble is I think I might regret selling the Esprit if I did. This has been driving my family mad for 9 months!!

Nice problem to have though!!!!

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A friend of mine once told me 'if it can be solved with your Visa card, it's not a real problem'. And he was right, the fact that we can afford to own and drive these great cars means we're not in too bad a situation. Sure, we'll complain when something goes wrong or if a bill is higher than expected, but as long as you don't have to skip lunches just to make your monthly payments it's not really a problem. I've tried to keep this in mind, and it did help me stay calm(ish) when I got a car from ebay unseen and had to sell it at a considerable loss because it broke down on me about 300miles from Dover. Getting it recovered to Belgium or coming back for it with a trailer would have been just as expensive and even more hassle.


I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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People parking in the visitor bay over the road from my house. We have a drive... but for some reason my brain has convinced itself that we own land which we clearly don't. Anyone can park there, it's not my property, I keep having to remind myself it's not a problem and I shouldn't care.


I now try to make sure I'm not being snobbish about it by asking myself... if that random shitty car was replaced by a new supercar, would it bother me that it's parked there? 

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